Monday 14 June 2010

Normal alert!

Sorry to disappoint but this post has nothing to do with wanking!!

Went to the Osaka aquarium yesterday, was pissing down rain so seems every other bastard in kansai had the same idea as us but we survived, just. I ran over a lot of high heel clad toes today with my pushy gaijin stroller, why do aquariums attract so many para para couples by the way!? I seemed to see nothing but dolled up dopey girls and boys among the family crowd and occasional rabu rabu normal couple.

Ash had a ball (and that was the point of going) for the first hmmm 2 tanks of fish, after that he got so pissed when he couldn't see anything that he would just pinch random arses until he could get through, not discriminating is my boy, all bums were fair pinching game.

Had a classic grandma washing moment last night, seemed as if she had spied ash's kindy sheets on the verandah that have been out since (gasp!!) the day before!!! So she'd obviously spent the whole day glancing at them from below and her washing stress radar must have been off the charts, I should attach some kind of monitor to her to gauge just how much stress my washing is causing her... Anyway, we got home in the evening and crashed pretty early so at about 10:30 I got a call from mil saying that grandma was stressing out about the kindy sheets and that she had the press thingy all ready to dry my screw-up gaijin wet sheets. Little did she know, I had got them in a few minutes earlier and had them draped over the sofa. Bastards were dry anyway, was just double checking with the sofa hang. I'm sure grandma would have been mumbling to herself that the moonbeams would work like acid to ruin the sheets but I quickly hung up to avoid such ramblings. I guess 82 year olds don't have much else to do except stress about the state of my washing eh.

Having a pretty cruisey day at the school today, just one lesson, then it's more posting of fliers with my mug on it to get more students in!

I'll leave you with a few piccies from the aquarium, didn't get many on my phone, will upload the pretty camera ones whenever I can be arsed.

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh man, I only came to your blog to read about wanking damn it.

    Cute photos of Ash though :-)

  2. lol at the above comment :) would love to visit the aquarium again..maybe it`s a `date place` like that place in Umeda..Hep 5..
    Ash looks like he was having a ball, hard to think of things to do when it`s pouring rain eh.
    Excellent work with the school!! glad it`s going well for you.

  3. Oh you make me want to go an aquarium even more now! There are so much fun, I love going.

    Hub and I got to go to the aquariums in Toba and Nagoya. The day we went to Toba, it was also pouring down rain and everyone and their grandmother in Mie-ken had the same idea. Packed full.

    Ash's hair is such a pretty color! It's becoming more golden/rosey brown. :)