Monday 9 September 2013

Keeping the peace

So it has been over 2 months that dog fucker and I have been fighting, which is long for me! It helped that I really don't like her so I didn't feel guilty at all. I did feel guilty for Ryota, MIL and Grandma though, I know first hand how stressful it can be to live in an environment where you're torn between two fighting family members.

So we've been civilly ignoring each other lately, but there were more fireworks on Friday night when I did a late night coffee run and managed to totally piss dog fucker off. I asked if anyone wanted anything, but I asked MIL, so it looked like I was asking MIL and not dog-fucker. I get that she thought I was being hostile by not asking her directly (because I kinda was) but what the fuck else did she expect me to do?? "Hmmm haven't talked to you in months dog-fucker, and we're quite openly fighting, but can I get you a coffee... cake... high tea perhaps??" I felt it was just awkward to ask her directly, so I didn't. And she had a hissy fit, and Ryota went mental at her for being a big baby about it. (God bless the man he can be an absolute wanker but he does always defend me in these situations!) I just wanted to ignore it and keep the ignoring up, but Grandma was like, "You should apologise Corinne!" and then I lost it and told them to quit poking their beaks in and slammed the door. Which was possibly childish, but standing in the genkan with all of them (seemingly) up against me when I felt like I had no other choice, got a bit rat-in-a-corner-ish.

So I was actually really upset that night, because I don't like fighting, I don't thrive on making other people miserable, and I was contemplating the fact that not only was I away from my real family, but that I may very well be left with no Japanese family either. Scary for me, I'm a total cuddle while sleeping person, I don't like being alone for long periods of time.

So the next morning Ryota went to work and I was getting ready to go teach, when dog fucker came over and said "Do you have a minute...?" And I was all shocked and unprepared and kind of apprehensive without Ryota there. So she said she didn't want to apologise for the original fight but she didn't want to keep fighting. And I was like, 'Yeah, pretty much me too.' So we basically agreed to disagree on the movie issue, I apologised for the coffee run debacle and I promised that the next time I was pissed off with her, I would try really hard just to yell and get it over with. I'll NEVER be anything close to friends with dog fucker, but it is much better for all involved when we can be normal around one another!

Not much else is happening, I'm busy working and dieting, Ryota is busy working and getting ready to start his own business (another post, but it's going well!!) kids are good, life is boring!


  1. Hey good one Corinne. Glad to hear you had a sort of no-BS resolution with the SIL. As much as we don;t care about such peeps the ongoing tension remains monkey-on-back for anyone but the most oblivious of us.

    GW just ditched blogging, the whole scene seems to have gone comatose.

    It is selfish to ask of course, as really I'm asking for my own entertainment...

    But, if you could or would keep blogging all the same, that would be pimp.


  2. I don't like being alone either and since I am going through a divorce I'm now suddenly totally alone and far away from my own family.. and I can't move right now for a whole lot of reasons. My ex and I never had kids because he hated children so... yeah.... silent house. Just me. Having to learn to deal, FAST before I go crazy.

  3. I'm coming out of my hole as a long time reader for purely selfish reasons, but I also humbly ask you to please keep on blogging!

    Good for you for getting the aggro with DF out of the way.

  4. That's probably the best resolution you could hope for. Good on you for accepting her olive branch (such as it was!) and smoothing out the family relations. :)

  5. Agreeing to disagree. I like that. At least it's peace. Much less stressful. I mean, who needs that shit?
    Oh yes, an update on Ryota! *cheers*