Monday 3 March 2014


Blogging just isn't happening for me of late is it!?

I still occasionally will stop in though, (like now when a student isn't showing up and I'm bored!) lots has happened since the last post!

*Ryota still isn't talking to his family, which actually kinda suits everyone fine, he doesn't mooch off them for free babysitting, I still go there and chat, the boys still go there... Nothing is really that bad! I'm sure he'll start talking to them again when he needs something, but it's been like 4 months now!!

*BIG news, dog-fucker has left the building!!! 2014 is a good year! She out of the blue a few weeks ago said to me, "I'm going to Thailand!" and I was like, "Cool, sounds fun, get me a fake bag on the way home!" until she explained by 'going' she meant 'living!' As much as I'm happy she's out of my way, I'm actually so much more happy that she's actually having the balls to go out on her own, work, interact with people! So good for her, I'm hoping (and expecting) she'll definitely grow up if she can stick it out there, we may even be friends when she gets back!? OK, probably not, but it just makes me have so much more respect for her already! She's supposed to stay for 2 years, I hope she can do it!

*Since the last post I've been back to Australia for a holiday. 2 lovely weeks of swimming, jogging on the beach, sausage rolls, not giving a fuck about schedules and work. Was so nice, for the first time in a long time I didn't want to come back to Japan at all. Although now I'm here I did miss my own comfy schedule, my inner Japanese person does come at times.

*Ryota and I are going pretty well, although we did have a cracker of an argument yesterday which ended up in him saying to me:
"Get out you fucking cunt!" to which I replied, "No YOU get out, you're the one who doesn't have a job!"...
To be fair to him, he doesn't realise how bad that is to say in English, but he got it once I explained that me attacking his male pride is just as bad as screaming at me to get out and that I'm a cunt. I wasn't backing down and we sorted it in the end anyway!

*Looking forward to April, Spring and the new job opportunities that will be coming what with Ryota starting his own business (aka having no job!) and me working a crazy busy new schedule at various kindergartens and my own school.

Hopefully someone out there is still reading, I promise to try harder to blog!!!


  1. Corinne, still reading and enjoy your blogs so please do so when you have time. Happy to hear that you had such a nice holiday.
    Marilyn in Seattle

  2. Yes, Corinne, we are still reading! Please keep blogging!! Teaching at various Kindergartens? Looking forward to hearing about this!

  3. Your fights with your hub sound like mine, with mine....I mean, we say different things (use different swear words!) but the point is, we COMMUNICATE. Yes, there are more constructive ways to communicate, which are always preferable, but still.....not all fights are pointless. Sometimes, they actually bring people closer together, odd to say!

  4. What the hell! I need the whole dog fucker story. Why has she gone to Thailand? Is she working there? Is there a love interest? Details are needed.

    1. Totally agree. That is just what I was about to say.
      What is she doing there? Teaching Japanese?
      Good luck with that df.

  5. Must be something in the air. I haven't blogged since Jan either! Looking forward to hearing more when you have the time!

  6. I'm with Kathryn, what is DF doing in Thailand? What made her decide to go? Anyway, nice to see you back, even if only for a one off!

  7. bwahahaha.
    Shouldn't laugh, but well put.

  8. Hey! New reader and follower here! I really enjoy the way you express yourself through your blog, very classy.
    I'm a British ~gaijin momma~ in Japan, so I'm wandering the big ol' internet for others in the same boat I just joined.
    Looking forward to seeing you blog some more! Please do!! :D

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  10. Corrine...everything OK?

  11. Have you stopped writing? I love reading your blog, come back!!