Friday 30 October 2009


Almost didn't make my Friday deadline!

We had a mother reading blog incident the other day which resulted in a fight but fuck it, anything I write here is usually said in the open anyway, still, might have to make a wordpress move and start protecting my arse, literally!

Looking forward to the next few days; birthday party, meeting up with friends I don't see often enough, my birthday and then mum going home.... Err, I mean, I love you mum, you mean the world to me..... Yup, definitely got to get me some wordpress action...

Time none. Photos.

My psycho BIL, he has until tomorrow to get a job and then MIL claims she'll throw him out, seeing as though he's at a club it's unlikely he'll get a job before then... Let's see if MIL will go through with it!

hehe Old school. Playing badminton to pass the time when I was a week overdue, gave birth the next day!

Emily, Liss and Kylan. I hope they don't mind me putting their piccies up!

Possibly the best photo ever.... Dad was pretending to hit mum on the head to pose for the photo but ended up smacking her with the maracas by accident, it was taken at the precise moment skull met maraca.

A passion fruit vine in my sister's backyard.


  1. Your younger BIL sounds like my younger bro-- I can't complain on the mom front, my mom tries everything for the most part.... she is very open minded but... there was a time...

    As for the twat at the mall.... I would have said Baka and left... but so far this has not happened to me yet.

  2. LOL at your BIL in his jocks! That's gotta be a good one for bribery! Brisbane no Katie

  3. I thought about the move to wordpress and blog protection too but flagged it. I say pretty much almost what I want and figured if I changed over and wrote EVERYTHING I wanted I would end up going back and deleting half of it regardless of whether person in question actually read it or not. I would get the guilts.

    Don't imagine your MIL will be kicking little bro out yet. Would be good to see though.