Wednesday 4 November 2009

USJ stands for...

Uber Soppy J-couples...? Ultra Smoochy Japanese...? Ultimate sexy joyfulness...?

OK, it actually stands for Universal studios Japan, and it's where we went the other night, but fuck me if anyone was wondering where all the sexual tension and affection was being sucked into, just go to USJ and you'll find it!

There must be some small print on the entry ticket that says 'If you are a couple, you must hold hands/smooch/cuddle and be as lovey dovey as possible to gain entry.' I swear to god there was inappropriate groping going on and all! It was nice to see but annoying because my BIL was the only one not pussy enough to go on the roller coaster with me so I spent at least 2 hours with him in the line making chit chat but we must have looked like an awkward couple on a first date who were too scared to hold hands in the sea of hand-holdiness.

I hate the crowds at USJ, there were like 50 million school kids there on a school trip and the usual shrill ringing of "KAWWAAAAIIIIIIIIII"'s and sea of ridiculous Elmo head wear was in full force. Ash was mesmerised by all the colour and noise and was the star of the parade with all the dancing costumed people coming over to him to pat his baldy gaijin head.

He was freaked out by all the exploding at the waterworld show so we escaped with him clinging to me, it was also freezing and there were people actually willing to sit in the seats where you get drenched. Dickheads, if you think you're that hard then ditch the poncho!

I also had a nice lunch with Fi and Sarah in Osaka so Monday was a good day!

Yesterday was my birthday and after a rocky start it was a really nice day.

Tell me if you think I was overreacting.... First of all, for me, birthdays are a day for that person to be spoiled, and I know it's not the same in Japan but Ryota shouldn't have married a bad-blooded foreigner if he wasn't willing to change a bit...
Basically this is what happened, I had told him I had to teach a private lesson in the morning and because it was his day off I asked him a week ago at least if he could drive me so I didn't have to fuck about with parking or trains. He said yes, it was all good. We were scheduled to leave at 10.20 to get there for 11 and at about 9.40 he just said to me "Jikan aru ne..." (We have time right....? It was a pretty vague random comment and I was busy taming my hair with a hair straightener so I just said "yes we have time" and didn't ask him why. He then disappeared and I thought he'd gone to the in-laws house. At 10.20 I went over and after escaping grandma telling me I was going to die from hypothermia in the clothes I was wearing she informed me Ryota wasn't there.

Kept searching until finally dragged my arse upstairs where I found him sleeping. I kicked him and we went out of the house with him bleary-eyed and me fuming. After about 15 minutes of not talking I asked him if he was going to say sorry for being an unreliable shit and then it was a full-on argument where he basically said I could have gone myself.
That triggered a rant from me that he COULD make his own lunch and do his own cunting washing but I wanted to help him out.
I ended with "Happy fucking birthday!"

Blah blah we made up he said sorry and we ended up going out for a nice peaceful lunch at my favourite restaurant WITH NO BABY! I could have been at Maccas and it would have been awesome because I didn't have to worry about Ashton throwing food/drinks/toys or having a tanty in the high chair. Bliss.
Of course we went out for yakiniku on the night and the stress was made up then with Ash almost face planting the searing hot BBQ plate a few times...


  1. happy belated birthday! Glad to hear the day improved as it went on.
    I've only been to USJ twice (that's after buying a passport for the whole family) - there's just too many people and too much queueing.

    Has you mum gone back to Aussie? I had mine for 7 weeks then my dad also came for the last two weeks so I'm glad to get back to 'normal'.

  2. Happy Birthday and ditto bliss to any meals without children - a sammy and a beer on the deck would do me if it meant no kids. Of course yakiniku preferable.

    Your face paints look great - and gotta love baldy gaijin babies dressed as superman!

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoyed your baby free time :) where did you get your face painted? Looks fab!

  4. WOw, Ash makes a VERY cute superman!

    Glad you got to have a nice peaceful lunch on your birthday- I will have to remember though that yakiniku and mobile babies do not mix!

    Shun doesn`t always get the importance of birthday`s either- he kind of got more of an idea though the year we spent back in Australia since we always got together as a family on birthday night for dinner somewhere nice and everyone gave presents. He thinks we should pick one day a year that is not Christmas, birthday, valentines day, white day or anniversary and just exchange gifts that day- I told him he was dreaming!

  5. Happy Birthday, and I love the face paint! Did you do it yourself?

  6. That baby is so cute! I'm surprised nobody has tried to kidnap him yet! He is super cute as Superman! Love the face painting too! Brisbane Katie yori

  7. Happy Birthday! Birthdays are important, you deserve to be queen for the day!

  8. Glad you were able to have a peaceful lunch on your birthday!!
    Ash makes an adorable superman as well- very cute!!