Wednesday 11 November 2009

Put this through your speaker buddy!

Not exactly sure what that title even means but couldn't think of anything inventive...

When I got pregnant I was very freakin scared. Scared of pushing the thing out, scared of having to take care of another human, scared of how my life was going to change but most of all I was scared of losing my Independence.

Living in Japan you get your in dependant shoes pretty damn quickly, stumbling through things that you wouldn't even think were hard in your native tongue, ummm helllooooo rusted mobile phone!?

So when I thought about quitting my job and being totally reliant on my husband, at least for a little while, it was a daunting time. I cringed at the image of me wanting to buy some knickers and having to go and get money from hubby, or Ash needing stuff and having to explain purchases and what not.

So damn lucky I married a Japanese guy! The one who has no independence turned out to be Ryota, not me! By his choice, not mine, he religiously hands his unopened salary to me, complete with pay docket (not that he'd cheat or anything!) and tells me to deal with it. He gets 10, 000 yen a month for ciggies and any clothes or anything else he needs, I buy for him or we buy together.
And lucky I'm not a bad budgeter, when I was in Australia, our rent, water bill and parking space fee weren't paid! Despite my strict instruction, the pay envelope was just sitting in the drawer less 10,000 yen. Dickhead.

I guess it's better this way but I was wondering how it was going to work when it came to my birthday present, he couldn't really come and ask me for the cash, I thought he might have borrowed off his mum or something. When he gave me a big box with Abercrombie & Fitch New York plastered over it, of course I was ecstatic and even happier when I got my beautiful, pumpkin-coloured, warm but not itchy warm, fur collar down coat which I want to sweat my titties off all year just so I can wear it. But I was thinking, hmmmm where's the money going to come from and how much did this cost...? Of course it was a gift so I couldn't ask how much it was, but after a teeny tiny bit of Internet snooping I discovered exactly how much it was and almost choked on my gingerbread latte, hmmmm gingy latte....

I let it go though, he works, if the sneakiest thing he does with HIS money is buy me expensive gifts then fuck it, who am I to complain!?
I did solve the mystery in the end though, yesterday Tay-chan (the car, remember!) came home with suspicious, expensive looking black things embedded in her dashboard. After making sure they weren't bugs to rate my hideous singing ability, it was ascertained with a bit of pushing from Ryo-chan that they were in fact, new speakers. Hmmm, now where did the money for these ridiculously over priced little bits come from? Well the same place where my jacket money came from. When we traded whaley-chan for tay-chan, the tax dropped dramatically and we got a refund for what we'd already paid. I'd forgotten but turns out Ryo-chan had the loot and had used it to pay my prezzie and the speakers. Speakers, not so happy about, but I just look at my jacket and the angry feelings melt away...

We also agreed that as a 'Christmas present to Tay-chan' we would buy one of those ipod dock thingies so you can play your ipod in the car, it's getting ridiculous me singing along to Ryota's country music CDs, and the fact that I'm starting to get the slack jawed yokel accent when I sing along to them is fucking scary...

Nigh night.


  1. Oh that coat sounds fab! I want to see a picture.

    Sometimes money appears in Shun`s wallet or my drawer without explanation too- usually it is a win at pachinko or money he got from his mum. Last time it was for doing something for a friend at a nijikai- I thought that was weird? Why pay a friend to be an MC at your wedding nijikai but there was a thank you note attached to it and I pulled it out of his suit jacket before hanging it back up. I am crap with money so Shun is supposed to manage it but I think we are both pretty crap- he gives me an allowance each month though and then the money for groceries but I just tell him when I want more. We are still getting used to it I guess. Despite having been together almost 5 years and living together for 3.5 of those we only combined finances six months ago...Still ironing out the wrinkles in the arrangement I guess.

    Oh and the christmas present to Tay-chan sounds great. What cracked me up more though was that Ryota has country music CDs! Japanese or foreign ones?

  2. Your husband is a sweety! Can`t wait to see the coat!!!!!

  3. haha! that sounds too cute! The ipod docks are awesome.. we bought one because the cd player in our old car was buggered!

    You're lucky you get to handle the money! I'm not the best with budgeting at all but I would at least like the responsibility! If I get money sent from my parents I get to handle it... but it's just not the same! Damn my husband for ever living in Australia and learning not to obey his Japanese duties :P

    Would love to see a pic of this coat!!! sounds pretty!

    so should we be calling you Cletus yet? :P u should bring out a country n western album!

  4. lol! love the country and western singing hubby!
    Jacket sounds great, photos please :)