Monday 21 December 2009

Damn snow has sucked me in

It snowed yesterday! And apart from being bastard bloody cold, it was very pretty and seeing as though I was brought up with Chrissy stinking hot but always had fake snow and christmas cards with snowy scenes, I started getting a bit Christmas sick.

Don't get me wrong, I like Christmas, but since being in Japan I've never really got into it, it's just not the same here. I thought seeing as though it was Ash's first Chrissy I might have got more Christmassey but I find it pretty depressing when it's just me and a gibberish talking chubby boy doing it. I haven't even put up a tree because Ash will just pull it down/ use it to spear someone/ choke on a decoration.
Ryota will be working all week so we really won't be having Christmas, I had a big cry the other night about it and Ryota was all like "OK, we'll definitely go home for Christmas next year or we can just go back to Australia permanently!!!" which was sweet, but he just doesn't get it, I want to live in Japan, I just sometimes want a teleporter to take me for Christmas dinner at Mum's!

I was thinking of attempting to do a Chrissy dinner but there are oven size issues, the fact that I only have two burners on the stove and that my Christmas dinner won't contain Hondashi, Soy sauce or mirn so Ryota would eat it but it would be wasted on the in-laws. Plus i just can'tbe arsed...

I just hate the atmosphere Japan has at Christmas, ie. none.
Saying that, I like the atmosphere of new Year better here than home, so I guess you can't have your overpriced crappily decorated Christmas cake and eat your Oseichi too...


  1. I totally agree that Christmas in Japan just isn't the same!!! Even though in the past I have done the whole nine yards for Christmas dinner (but before the 25th)parties with friends, Christmas day comes and hubby has work, so I am home alone or making our special dinner until he comes home... not so fun!!!

  2. So true!

    I'm not a huge holiday person usually, but I did wish that there was some more evidence of Christmas in Japan, when we lived there.

  3. for me, christmas has been a big downer, but last year, and this year, it's better. i think because the kids are bigger and 'get it', you know. i'm sorry you're down, but i'm glad to hear you're looking forward to new year's!

  4. I SO get it. I just can't get into Christmas in Oz unless it's actually Christmas day, and even that's hard sometimes.

    It's like in America Christmas lasts the full month of December. Everything, everywhere is decorated, it's on the radio and the TV, by Christmas you're ready to see it go!

    Here it's just so different. The season is wrong, the food is wrong, even the clothes are wrong. It just doesn't feel like Christmas.

    I guess it gets easier every year, but if I feel like it gets overlooked here I can only imagine how you feel there...

    But on the other hand, I look forward to seeing you next Christmas!

  5. Japan never gets in the way of my Holidays... true, it is not AS decorated as America or Europe but .... I still feel all five senses...

    but I'm a bit of an happy go lucky, happy, happy, joy, joy holiday otaku anyway...

    Have a fab holiday.

  6. I'm with you on not being able to get into it in Japan. I used to get so depressed longing for 'it' - whatever it is that makes Christmas Christmas-y, but the longer I'm here I realize that you just have to make Christmas your own and just set aside the day for enjoyment (for me and DH it usually means お任せ, or some other food splurge). Just be good to yourself and your family. That's all!

    (I happened upon your blog, btw and I've enjoyed reading your posts. I don't blog, so I hope you don't mind a stranger popping in) E in Tokyo

  7. So true. Another unfestive day spent with the hub at his computer whilst I try to make a christmassy dinner in a matchbox microwave and a two ring hob and entertain two toddlers at the same time! Dying to spend the day with fellow foreigners tomorrow minus the hub who'll be at work, naturally.