Saturday 6 February 2010

Following on...

From the last post.

Uncle called SIL's keetai late the other night, now when a loved one is in the hospital, any late-ish phone calls are received a bit tensely, so we all were a bit alert when her keetai rang for two reasons:
1) It was 10:30-ish, not exactly late, in the old days I'd just be warming up with a few shots at this time, but on my current grandma time it's getting on.
2) SIL is actually an alien from outer space with no friends and if her keetai ever rings it's pretty unusual and most of the time her mum calling.
So she answers with a tense "Moshi moshi" and we were all ear wigging to see what the go was. You could have picked my jaw up from the floor when she started giving him fucking cooking instructions. PPPPPUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And you know, if he was asking how he could get his souffle to rise, or even asking about something as piss easy as curry it might have been forgivable, but no no, he was asking how to................................................................ drum roll please........................................................................





An egg! The title of the dish is pretty much self-explanatory, you take an EGG, and you BOIL the fucker! He wasn't even asking about a soft boiled egg where it can be tricky to get the white firm and the yellow gooey, fair play, there's a science to that shit. But no, hard boiled egg where all you have to do is boil the shit out of it and then run it under cold water.

I was astounded and suspect that he was actually calling with such a ridiculous question as a code for "I'm so pathetic, come and cook me something bitch!" Luckily SIL is a little slow and didn't read into it that much. I then announced that Ash will probably be able to boil an egg by his next birthday (well not quite) if I had anything to do with it, but was shushed with cries of "Occhan kawaisou!!!!" (The old bloke can't help it, poor thing!!!!)

SIL even had to tell him to not forget to put water in the pan, stupid old git probably would have just chucked the eggs in with nothing else!

Loved the comments on the last post, thanks ladies! Girl power!!!! *Gets the urge to put put on a Spice girls song and do a dance... And pipe down Mr Salary man, your foreign pampered arse is no good here...

And now, on a totally unrelated topic, here are some photos, just because it's been awhile.

Whaddaya mean this is my name, everyone calls me A-shoo-tonne!

Rain boots and backpack!!! Wooooooo!

Errr, Mum, why didn't you just buy me a cake like all the other good J-mums!? Still wanna stick my fingers in it though.....


  1. The last black and white pic is gorgeous!

    I thought japanese men just pretended not being capable of doing anything just because it was the woman's role to care about that kind of stuff, and taking someone's duty is bad behavior her. But if dude can't boil an egg .. XDD Layghed so hard

  2. ok... I have to do it...

    I have to ask it...


    How many times a week do you get told, by Japanese people, that you look like Nicole Kidman?


    I did it!

    I asked.

  3. Oh yeah! A slight air of Nicole.

    BTW, shouted "Pussy!" at Flo when he came in the other day. He was bewildered and said "If you want".

  4. I like the kanji for Ash`s name! Cute! 

  5. It is sad but not entirely surprising that Japanese women are so sympathetic to how clueless their men are. After all, they've been taught that it is quite normal and expected. The idea that men are either capable or would ever want to boil and egg BY THEMSELVES is heresy.

    Isn't it more like: how many random gaijin celebs have you been mistaken for/told you look like?

    The kid has some impressive fat rolls!