Monday, 31 October 2011


Not dead. Almost. Dead tired.

Yesterday marked the end of a two week stint without a day off. Not that every day was jam-packed, but still, there's something very tiring about no day off to look forward to for a long period of time.

At least yesterday was a fun Halloween party, I was a princess, MIL a pumpkin, and Ash Mike Wasowski from Monsters Inc. A lovely day was had by all but god damn I was glad it was over.

I fucking suck for not writing more, but I have 3 lessons back to back, but promise to write about my experience of working for a cult of rich women tomorrow!


  1. What did dog fucker dress up as?

  2. Can you get your students to write blog posts for you? It'd be good practice for them and you could have a little blogging sweatshop.

  3. You look so pretty. Your Japanese family must find it really hard to live with a chick who looks like a Princess even on non-Halloween days. The Japanese, I believe, after three score and ten here, usually love pointing out flaws in the gaijin, like 'ha ha ha, you've got a big hormonal zit on your chin, bitch!' but what can they say about you? Nothing. It must drive them insane beneath their calm exteriors. ;)

  4. How can such a small person be a pumpkin lol. She's have to be fat at least. ^^
    Even though I find this whole costume-thingie weird, I have to tell you this: You look great!

  5. ah, your halloween looks relaxing :)

    mine was completly opposite, got arrested in front of my whole university for being drunk on friday....think my parents will get a bill in the mail for my ambulance too. fml. i just wanted to tell you this in a comment bc i thought you'd enjoy(haha) & to tell you theres always someone out there with a worse day, so hang in there! :)

  6. 2 weeks, time for a sleep in mate.

    They make cool costumes for kids these days. I always wanted to dress up as a Ninja Turtle, Donatello to be exact.

    Look forward to the next post.

  7. That eye costume has a baby in it!!...WTF??? ;)

    You look like an extra for the "New Statue of Liberty" tryouts. I'd pick ya! You got better hair than the statue we got now :)