Tuesday 7 January 2014


I have a weird feeling about this year, I'm sure that weird feeling is just me worrying about the fact that Ryota is quitting his job in April and going it alone, but I think it will be a year of changes all round. Not sure who, or why, just a feeling.

I spent New Year's eve vomiting, which wasn't much fun! But I think it was a 12 hour bug because I was fine the next day and ready for the marathon of eating and drinking that is New Year in Japan. Was lovely, top grade beef sukiyaki, beer, wine, shochu, snacks, other people being more drunk and funnier than me, FIL giving out random 10,000 yen notes out for (drunken) otoshidama. Lovely. I really enjoy Japanese new year, now. Of course in a few years when I'm the oldest son's wife who will be responsible for putting on the new year do I'll fucking hate it, but for now it's awesome!

I didn't bother making any resolutions, because they're always the fucking same: lose weight, save money.
However I am going to work my arse off this year and get our house paid off so I can either be debt free or in another really big debt in 2015.

Ryota is still not talking to his family since he had a fight with dog fucker over chopstick etiquette and shows no signs of backing down, doesn't really effect me, I quite enjoy drama when I'm not directly involved. Who knows how that one will end.

We got back into the old routine of school and work today after the break and it feels good to be back in the swing!

Blogging is getting harder and harder for me, I just can't sit down and get all my thoughts into one cohesive block, but when I come up with something worth writing I will, no point forcing it!

Happy new year all, hope it's an excellent one!


  1. Chopstick etiquette? That's the best reason for a family argument I've ever heard! Happy New Year, hope you get your house paid off, and that Ryota's business is a roaring success so you can stop worrying!

  2. Happy New Year Corinne and fam dam. Hope you have a fabulous 2014. Good luck with the house paying off. Best of luck to for Ryota's work. Am sure he'll rock the going out on his own thing. xx

  3. Happy new year and good luck to Ryota with the new business. I need to know more about the chopstick etiquette fight!

    1. Did I not write about that?! I totally thought I did! OK, will get on writing that one!

  4. "Ryota is still not talking to his family since he had a fight with dog fucker over chopstick etiquette"

    Come on Corrine, you can't say that and then not explain what happened!

  5. Don't do something you don't want to do.