Tuesday 27 April 2010


Cos nothing fills up blog space like photos, and it has been awhile. We've had a great time enjoying what good weather there has been this spring biking round looking at cherry blossoms and running round parks to tire the monster out. Not as much beer involved as I would have liked but I'm sure my liver will thank me in a few years. So here are my Spring best shots!



Bubbles are so much better from this angle...

I think this was a "Stop pulling my fucking hair!!!!" face from me.
Sunday park trip



I think this is the shot of the season, pure joy.

WTF corn man?!

Aww family shot with bemused J-kid in background.
Princess P showing us her lumber jacking skills!

Happy little chubster.

Me proving to the world I can't do a chin-up to save my life or dignity.

How not Japan does this look!?

Hmmmm cooooffffffeeeee. Not until you're at least 3 son.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Love the one of Ash checking out the bubbles upside down the most- what an absolute cutie pie!

    The one of him smiling a big cheesy grin at his daddy is also great.

  2. i love the "pure joy" one. too cute!

  3. aimlesswanderer27 April 2010 at 23:19

    He looks like one of my cousin's kids, but less dopey and cross eyed.

    The one of him sitting on you reminded me of the scene from Alien where the baby alien emerges from the guy's stomach. And then I thought it looked like the kid was bigger than the houses.

  4. that corn man is kinda scary!!!

  5. i herbey crown you and your husband the brangelina of inter-racial couples cuz u'r baby is freakin cute..the two of you make beautiful chidlren.

  6. What a gorgeous family you have! What a lovely name you have! ;)