Friday 2 April 2010

Happy fake new Year!

Ash had a great time at kindy today too, nice to see he misses me!

It's April! Somewhat of a new year in Japan, a time when all gaijin forget all the things that annoy them about Japan because they are blinded by alcohol fuelled flower watching parties.
I came to Japan in April and it really is just a beautiful time to be here, flowers are bloomin, sun is shining (if you're lucky enough to be in a place with no smog), and there's a sense of a fresh new start. All companies and schools/Universities also start the new year from April so students are filled with hope and enthusiasm, although that gets beaten out of them usually by golden week in the form of cram school/study/school on Saturday/clubs/extra classes/wearing school uniforms every waking second of the day.

So in the spirit of this fake new year, and Ash starting kindy, I'm making an effort to be a super organised kindy mum, the ones who's kindy stuff is all ironed and neat and labelled and shit, so, here are my fake new year's resolutions:

~Make bento for Ryota (and myself when I start working) everyday. Will be much easier as Ryota's new job starts at 9am everyday as opposed to 6!

~Keeping Ash's kindy stuff organised and orderly, this includes all kindy paperwork and 500 million pieces of paper I'm sent home with everyday.

~Try not to mutter obscenities at the ridiculousness of taking Ash's temperature EVERY SINGLE FUCKING MORNING before kindy.

~Keep the house clean and organised.

~Cook more often rather than keeping hokka hokka ben on speed dial.

OK, that's all for now, if I set too many goals I'll never keep any of them!
I didn't make a very good start though, yesterday, Ryota and I ended up at the local hospital with pair set IV drips as we were both vomiting and were burning up, I'm much better today but Ryo-chan is still moaning and writhing on the floor croaking out that he's going to die in a barely audible voice. Pussy!

Happy New April! May all your cherry blossoms be accompanied with alcohol!

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  1. Hey Corrine...stumbled across your blog, small world!
    As an ELC teacher, I apologise for the need to take Ash's temp every morning... however, we have to do it every day after nap time too, for 16 students!
    Hehe, your blog is really funny. Hope you don't mind me gatecrashing it.x