Thursday 7 April 2011

Busy days! And nights...

I'm such a shit blogger, sorry!

We've been insanely bust lately. On Sunday Ryota got into organising nazi mode and we had a massive fight. I'm a tricky fucker when it comes to organising things. I HATE starting. But once I'm in to it and definitely when I'm finished, I love it. The feeling of throwing away old crap and having a new tidy space is so good, especially in Japan where space is so damn precious. Although Ryota's approach to the whole thing pisses me off. He makes me feel like a lazy bitch because he wants to organise the house yet I pick up after his lazy arse every. single. day. We are so opposite in our cleaning modes but I guess it kind of works out in the end. Our house is so organised now and Ryota just got back from dumping 150kgs, yes 150!!! (and that wasn't even all of it) so I feel very refreshed. Only the kitchen left and that's the weekend mission.

The school has also been incredibly busy with trial lessons and new students, I signed our 35th student today, not bad for not being open a year yet! My schedule is actually a bit better from April as well, not as many 8pm finishes which just fucks up dinner time royally. I also had another soccer announcing gig last night and it was much easier the 2nd time around, plus my team won! Bonus! Although there was a pretty major fuck up that appeared to be my fault (me talking on the mic at the same time as the Japanese MC) it was actually the MC and my boss who fucked up by not following the script and giving me the OK to announce, respectively. Not too worried though as was right after a goal and all the fans were so loud I don't think anyone noticed. I still get my ridiculous amount of cash at the end of it anyway.

What else what else... I'm loving spring! The flowers and warm weather is just making me all tingly. Hate having to stay inside when the weather is so nice. I can't wait for summer though, as much as the humid sweat fest annoys me, I'm actually looking forward to it this year. Hoping to do a hike or two and hopefully get around to climb Mt. Fuji now I'm fit enough to not have some sort or heart attack half way up.

I'm amazed that Ryota and I have escaped this week with only one fight as he's been off work all week and I was sure that we would kill each other by the end of it, but it has all been very civilised and love-lovey. Even got a few shags in (hence the busy nights title!) Not only shagging going on at night though, there was also one night where Ryota started making these weird noises in his sleep, like moaning, but REALLY fucking loud. I was still awake and started pissing myself laughing as I thought it was a sex dream. I also took the liberty of recording it on my phone, I wonder if I can upload that here... Anyway, he kept moaning and I kept giggling and recording until the moans started to sound a bit less sexual and a bit more shit-scared. The last one also sounded like he was saying "Corinnnnneeee!!!" It was then I had the thought, 'holy fuck the bastard is having a stroke and I've been lying here recording it!' So I woke him up and he was sweating like a motherfucker. He then told me he had been having a nightmare that a ghost was holding him from behind and he was trying to call my name but his mouth wouldn't work properly! Poor twat, I was relieved he hadn't had a stroke and he had to admit that despite my recording antics demonstrating I am in fact a horrible wife, it was also very very funny to listen to.


  1. I think that might be the first time I've felt sorry for Ryota, a bad dream and his wife recording it!

  2. Must admit felt a bit sorry for him too :) Amusing though. Good luck with the kitchen clean out.

  3. and me expecting you were gonna say Hubby thought YOU were the ghost!
    Good to hear you're not only getting smacked but also shagged once in a while. I have been less fortunate, but you don't wanna know about that.

  4. my boyfriend recorded me doing some crazy snoring in the middle of the night a couple of weeks ago, so it's not just you! haha.

  5. Congrats on the student count. I'm packed to the max and had to ask a young woman to quit her private so an Elementary to J.H. class needs to move and they got clubs so it is either say sorry to those 4 girls or ask the woman to leave. I make more by the single private but teaching the girls is funner so.....bye bye cute single flirtatious girl.

    I have no time for anything except 1 open hour on Tuesday morning. I had 6 classes (9 total) that were back to back x6. Fun but tiring.

    As your School grows your private life will shrink. It's a labor of love that pays very well though.

    **Wave bye bye to your free time**

    Bye bye!! ;)

  6. LOL its okay, i've had much worse stuff done to me while sleeping.
    lesson: don't fall asleep on the couch when idiots are around