Monday 7 May 2012

GW wrap up. Single-mother style!

So brother in law is back in Japan, as is MIL and Ryota. Turns out he has some rare brain disease called "Moyamoya disease" or もやもや病 in Japanese. When Ryota told me, I was like, 'OK, what is it in English?' So there was utter confusion until we had established that whities usually don't get it and the word in English is the same in Japanese... It's rare and serious and will need an operation, but he should be fine, a big relief!

So Ryota left for Australia on the Saturday of Golden week and came back yesterday, which meant I had a whole week free of work and annoying husband! Annoying child remained, but I think it was a twist of fate, after the baby is born (NEXT FUCKING MONTH BY THE WAY!?!?) Ash will have very little alone time with me, he hardly gets any now, so this week was good for us to bond... and shit. It was actually a good test, to see if I could survive as a single mother if I had to, not saying I'd want to, although it was nice doing things at my own pace. And I could! More than I just managed, I was a super fucking housewife! I made cakes and dinners and cleaned the house top to bottom, I could actually get used to the housewife life if we ever win lotto or something!

Of course it wasn't all happy 1950's housewife, there was the elevator incident mentioned in the previous post that still has me thinking I want to escape this fucking country, Ash driving me crazy on numerous occasions, and a bit of loneliness at night, but all were overcome with me blog-venting, taking deep breaths before I threw Ash out the window and cuddling up with my ipad on the sofa respectively.

We didn't really do anything fun, but seeing as though we're saving money and all I wanted to do was take it easy and roll around in the warm and fuzzy feeling of not having to work, it was perfect! I even bonded with the dog-fucker a little bit, she's actually been tolerable lately.

So of course it will be different with two kids, but I think if it came to the crunch, I could be a single mother! Comforting when your husband is a bit of an arse really! He gave me a big squeezy hug when he got back, which is kind of out of character for him and said he'd 'studied' while he was in Australia. He said that he'd met some Aussie couples and the wives were lazy cows and that he really appreciated me! So a good trip for all involved really.

Back to work today, but it's amazing what a week off will do, when you feel refreshed you don't actually mind when a student tells you they went to shopping or their hobbies include sleeping...

Hope everyone had a nice golden week, and if you're not in Japan I feel sorry for you, Golden week is fucking awesome!

 Loot from Australia!

 The welcome home sign I actually had time to make, what else is a housewife going to do!?

Err... Ash


  1. I'm on a mission at the moment to end the whole "my hobby is sleeping" nonsense. I'm waging a one woman war, join me why don't you! Although, a chilled out Golden Week has made me a bit lazy in the "sewing and painting are hobbies, sleeping isn't, I'm afraid" campaign department.
    I'm glad BIL is OKish, hope the operation goes well.

  2. If I knew where you lived, I'd totally be coming around to roll you for the mint slices! Sounds like a great week, we had lousy weather in Tokyo.

  3. Great news about B-i-L. All things considered. Sounds like you had a good week. Love the picture of your Aussie haul! Deb

  4. wow he bought alot stuff o.o i hope your brother in law makes a full recovery!

  5. "Moyamoya disease"

    That sounds like one of those diseases that get you out of a bad date or one of those holidays where you really don't want to see the family.

    What I would give to have a whole week off. but I probably would end up being drunk and bored.

  6. LOL@ sleeping as hobby. I just told a girl once I have no hobbies, I was so tired of the stupid question. She told me straight - right away - 'that's lame! Japanese girls will think you're a freak!'

    I was like damn, at least I got something other than 'ehhhh' out of you...

    Good to hear about the BIL...sounds dangerous....Ryo must be relieved.

    You know, I dug though your whole archive, I think. And I never did find out why you call SIL dog-fukker. Can you revisit that for me?

  7. Sounds like my kind of golden week!! Sadly my GWs always involved too much time with my PILs at their place and constant fights with D because he wanted to spend the whole time at pachinko (or whatever)

    As someone who did it for a long time, single mothering is definitely easier than living with an a-hole who doesn't step up to the mark as there is no resentment because you know you only have yourself to rely on.

  8. Your artistic abilities are on par with mine. Lucky we are teachers...of NOT Art ;)

    Sorry for the late check in but I'm pushing 37 classes a week and I'm eating dinner at 11pm everyday. I'd kill my boss but that would be!!!

    Glad you enjoyed your G.W. :)

  9. Rolling around in the warm fuzzy feeling of not having to work sounds really nice. Our Golden Week included a little drama, but nothing that merited a call to 110 or the like.