Monday 7 September 2009

Awesome weekend part 1

I'm incredibly pleased to announce that Ash is back to normal, only one wake up last night and he didn't drink milk, so all is good in our house! His nappy seems to not fit as well, maybe it was a growth spurt?? And he is pulling himself up at the moment... Who freakin' knows with babies, I think I'll just have to go with the flow for the next 18 years until I can throw him out of the house and go on a world trip...

This weekend was great fun, hectic, but fun. Again, I can't be arsed writing everything so I'll write about my Saturday now and my Sunday at some other time. Got some great snaps though, couldn't put the camera down!

Saturday started off pretty shitty, I was looking forward to seeing my hot hairdresser to get a cut and colour but when I got to the salon I got lots of bows and some bullshit excuse that hot hairdresser was sick. Phhhffft, sick my left tit, he's such a yankee I bet he was out on the piss all night, which actually makes me love him even more...

Anyway, I got stuck with a short weedy guy who apparently is the 'top stylist.' I was miffed seeing as though I'd booked a week in advance, and even more miffed when they stuck me with the big-haired, para-para assistant to do my colour. She was wearing white ugg-boots and that was enough to turn me off her, but then she had to ask whether or not she uses foil for mesh, even I know you use foil, twit! She didn't say a word to me the whole time and was shit scared of me I think, seeing as though I did a huge cross sign with my arms and said "No gold or orange!!!" before she put the colour on.

The colour didn't turn out too bad, despite weedy stylist sucking air through his teeth and saying the colour I wanted was very difficult. Fuck me, hot hairdresser managed it, can't be that hard! Para-para assistant was shoved off to sweep up hair and weedy stylist began to cut my hair, once he loosened up he was pretty cool. I was planning on just a trim but when he started taming my mullet I realised I couldn't handle the long bits at the back and short front bits at the front that hot hairdresser had done a few months before so I just had him hack it all off to one length, it's very short but feels good and I'm pretty happy with it.

After the haircut we got ready for our friends' wedding party. It was my first wedding in Japan and I must say it was fun but a total rip off, I was disgruntled about this the whole time so made sure I milked my $70 for as much wine as I could... How do I put this? I was fucked. Sozzled. Pissed. Drunk as a skunk. Smashed. Trolleyed. Destroyed. Loaded. More than tipsy. Smished..... It was so good!!

We also when to a bar after where I downed a fair amount of hoegarden beer to top it off, which I love!

Ryo-chan also had a skin-full after his 4(!) rum and cokes and we both stumbled home to the reality of our little monster. Speaking of which, MIL was babysitting him and he had gone to sleep but woke up just as she was about to come pick us up. Everyone else was in bed so she had to bring him with her on her back... I found this quite amusing at the time in my drunken state, but now I think about it, how safe can this really be....?

MIL driving with Ash on her back, he seemed quited content...

Cos the car just wasn't dangerous enough...

Ryo-chan drunk chuckling in disbelief at his own Mother's recklessness...

And now for some wedding pics! The couple are so lovely, Euan is Scottish. Was a great night!

Ryo-chan and the groom


My favourite picture of the night.


  1. I am really digging the last photo as well... fab shot Corrine!!!!! I think I need to get pissed drunk this weekend myself..

  2. oooh yay for good times!! excellent shots..agree, last pic is a great one :)
    Scary MIL, don`t think `safety comes first` has come to Japan yet..

  3. LOL! OMG! I can't believe she drove the car with Ashton on her back! Who would think to do that? I guess next time you'll be leaving her the keys to tay-chan? ha ha! Your new hairstyle is gorgeous! Makes me want to dabble in foils again! Brisbane no Katie

  4. Jealous! Drunken debacles, out on the lash with your hub. Quite amazing that you managed any pics at the end of the night at all!! A lot of the baby on back driving goes on down here all though have never seen it on scooter before!! Thank god Granny K doesn't drive cause she would definately do this.

  5. Love the colours in your hair! I have braved the hairdressers here for a colour a handful of times and always walked away disappointed.

    Riding with babies on backs and side saddle on moterbikes is the norm in a lot of Asian & Indonesian countries (India, Thailand, Bali....) so hey, maybe Japan and your MIL are just joining the trend. At least she didn`t also have a ladder like a family I saw on a bike in Thailand (mum, dad, toddler, baby and ladder)

    I miss booze. Drunken nights out sound like fun.

  6. YAY for drunken nights! :-)
    I LOVE your hair, the colour is fabulous and the cut is very funky!
    Not too sure about the driving with Ash on her back thing, I think I would have had a psycho freak-out if my MIL had every tried to pull anything like that!
    I love hoegarden beer as well.. jealous that you found it in Japan!

  7. Luv your hair ^^

    In the first pic Ash is clearly expressing his doubts about the situation XDD

  8. Your new hair colour looks great on you!! It definitely suits you - very pretty!

    YAY for drunken nights out!! Sounds like you had a great time!