Friday 25 September 2009


This week obviously feels short because it was riddled with days of hellish crowds and traffic jams, also knows as public hols in Japan. I'm happy to say that Ryota is back at work, meaning my house is back in order.
Took Ash back to the clinic today as he's still snotting all over the place, they told me I was being paranoid and probably am but fuck, how do I know if I don't check. They said that babies can get cold that last a month, is that right??The nurses pissed me off today too, there's a 'no stroller inside' policy at the clinic and I get it if it's really crowded, (is that the reason??) but today there was like one other lady and her kiddie there. Ash was sleeping in the stroller when we went in but nursey was watching the stroller like a hawk and the minute he woke up she told me to take it outside. Very typical Japanese rule bullshit that pisses me right off. Ryota also hates it, hence his hissy fit at Babies 'r' us the other day when the sales clerk wanted Ryota to sign the credit card slip instead of me, Ryota threw a tanty and the 16 year old clerk went all red and just looked down while I signed. Perhaps we really shouldn't live in this country...

Old school- drunk at about 8am...

Now, where I'm from, goon is a $2 cask of wine that you get hammered on when you're 17, obviously Japan has other ideas!

My 500 yen collection, it's about half way, which is 150,000 yen!

My rodeo boy is getting some use, Ryo-chan's surfing practice.

Ash's belly...


  1. Aww.. those GOON nappies make me all natukashii. Joey used them for about a year as they fit him better than any of the others! I love that picture of Ash's belly and Ryota looks like he is enjoying his surfing practise!!

  2. lol at your pics!! esp. ash's belly!! hehe cute

    we use moony diapers (another interesting name there) but have also tried pampers and merries... havent tried goon yet.

    so i guess if you went back to oz and said you had 5 packs of goon in your car you'd disappoint quite a few people in search of a cheap good time?

    interesting da yo ;)

  3. Midori~ I was always a pampers girl but Goon make the jumbo pants which are good for his jumbo arse at night!
    Ryota loooovvvveeeessss surfing so he was very eager to practice, until I reminded him he was riding an exercise machine... in a tiny Japanese house... in a concrete jungle...

    Sara~ hehe, definitely would disappoint a lot of people! Though I'm sure they wouldn't be surprised if I had actual cases of alcohol squished inwith the nappies too...

  4. ooh love the rolly polly :)

    If Ryota loves surfing you guys should head down this way sometime! Hubby can show him ALL the good surf points :) (and we can sit back and bum at the beach with the kiddies)..

  5. God that baby belly still does it for me.How cute??!
    And jeesh,your doctor is a tight arse...if a patient comes ,just treat them eh?Especially if he is under one and snotty as hell.Grrr.Hope Ash feels better soon and is snot clear for your trip back home.

    Good luck with the secnd half of your 500 yen collectin.We have collected them for years and it gets us places! And even now,I find it hard to9 spend a 500 yen coing and feel guilty.You go girl!