Wednesday 23 September 2009


I don't have a late note for not updating, just have not been arsed the last few days, having two kids at home (Ash and Ryota) for 4 days is tiring stuff!
Silver week in Japan is drawing to a finish today, which means in one week I'll be leaving on a jet plane for Aussie for about 3 weeks. Excited...? I'm not sure actually. NOT looking forward to the plane trip and 5 fucking hour stop in the gold coast shitty airport. I even booked the lounge for us when we got there but apparently it only opens for an hour that we are there. Cunting jetstar, always some problem.

The last time I was at shitty little Gold coast airport I had a tanty because the lady said she couldn't take a $100 note when I went to buy a drink. Fair enough it's a big note for a bottle of coke but fuck me it's a fucking airport, of course people are going to be bringing big notes they've got from the currency exchange. That's what shits me the most about living in Australia, customer service is just poor, especially when I've been so spoiled in Japan for so long.
I have a feeling Ash will be going absolutely crazy by the time we get to the Gold coast, he's been having mental screaming fits when he's been restricted of late. Fun fun. I'm just hoping there are some kindly Obachans who like half kids on the plane and will help me.

Speaking of half kids we were in a shopping centre the other day and the staff squealed to Ash "Halfu-kun!!!" while she squeezed his chubby thighs. Whatever, I'm not really fussed what he's called but it was the first time anyone has actually ever called him 'half' to his face...if you can talk to a baby's face... you know what I mean. The girl in question had cats eyes contacts and was dripping in goth jewellery so I could have made a snide comeback but who can be fucked getting pissed off, really.

We haven't done much this week, finally scammed a new car seat from father in law, I used to feel guilty about milking him for things but he's such a daft bugger it really doesn't bother me that much anymore, and if Ash gets new stuff then who am I to complain? I did offer to go for the cheapy 12,000 yen car seat but FIL is a snob like that and insisted we got the 30,000 yen one, meh, if he wants to get ripped off for some extra padding and a brand name....

I have pictures to post and some content that may actually be slightly stimulating but again, I just cannot be fucked. Maybe when the second baby goes back to work tomorrow and I'm not picking up coffee cups and making bloody ramen at 9am.


  1. that`s gotta suck..hope all is happier when Ryota goes back to work and you get your sanity back..yay for a new car seat! gotta love spending other peoples money.

  2. I would just trump up her comment to being uneducated, I'm sure she didn't mean harm (but I can imagine how you felt), too much energy gets thrown into anger.... good call on you for not wasting energy...

    The airport? Not being able to cut a $100 bill... hmmm.. odd, strange, is that a rule or something? Maybe you can book a hotel or "stand by" hotel at the airport?

  3. Had to laugh at your observations about the Gold Coast airport- it is so tiny compared to the other major airports though. Kind of like a stopover in Cairns or Mackay really...

    I will be using the gold coast airport from now on due to the cheap Jetstar flights (and likely collapse of JAL) but luckily I am just in Brisbane so we will either jump on a train or someone will be there to pick us up so no transfer necessary.

    I think it is okay for people to note that children are half but to say something like "halfu-kun" is just rude I think- as if that is what defines him when it is not. I would of said something snide back (but that is just me! haha)- maybe she really didn`t realize that what she said was rude though?!

    Hopefully things return to normal in your house with the end of Silver Week! And Yay for getting a cool new car seat from FIL!

  4. the gold coast airport is a freaken joke -- it's like a tin shed with an overpriced canteen in it. They charged me $6 for a big m!

  5. Good laugh. Crap airports suck - ditto with toddlers on planes. Good luck with that! Yay FIL for new carseats!

    Silver Week - invented by man who has never had to look after small children.

    And ramen at 9am?? nice hungover or on the way home but for normal breakfast?

    You enjoy your chub (child/hub) free day tomorrow.

  6. I have to admit that jealous though I have been of everyone having time off, I think I would just like to have time off for ME and make Joey go to school! ;-) Reading your post reminded me of how much I hated the J-holidays because I would be stuck arguing with my ex constantly and would be frustrated because he would spend the whole time picking at how I did/didn't do things but wouldn't actually help in any way, shape or form!

    I am craving ramen now though...

  7. Colorbynumbers~ Today our house was much more relaxed. (and tidy!) and yes, spending others money is awesome!

    Girl Japan~ I agree, not worth wsting time/energy!
    Hmmm the stop is for 5 hours, and they keep you in this little holding room :( So I don't think I could keave to go to a hotel anyway, good thinking though, thanks!

    Lulu~ haha, I know Gold coast is like making a stop somewhere really remote, I think they're re-dooing it though?? Lucky no transfer! Cheaper too!
    Yeh the half title doesn't bother me too much but half-kun just seemed weird!

    Gaijin wife~ Oh god, totally agree with the man with no kids theory!
    Yup, Ryota will eat anything in the morning, last night's dinner, raen, whatever is going. Weirdo.
    hehe chub-free day was great!

    Midori~ I think if I went back to Oz I would miss the hols too but when you have kids they kind of lose meaning eh!
    Eugh I know what you mean about the knit-picking, Ryota isn't too bad but he started going on about the towels not being folded yesterday and I told him to shove them up his arse!
    Surely there are some ramen places in London??

    Sorry I haven't been replying to comments lately, always reading! Just never seem to get round to it, following crawling/standing/head bopping little half-kun and all!