Monday 14 September 2009

I'm dying, let's all go out for dinner and get hammered!

That was the theme of the dinner we went to last night. Just because depressing revelations like that are soooooooo uplifting on a Sunday night...

MIL informed us that we were going to a family dinner to be held last night, of course, she left the dying-uncle-shouting-us-all part out. We see this uncle and auntie quite often, they live just around the corner, and last year uncle was diagnosed with emphysema. The 3 packets of ciggies he smoked a day for god knows how many years may have had something to do with it, and now he needs to trek around with an oxygen tank attached to him. He's nice, in a rough, scary kind of way. And I like his son, good drinking partner.

Anyway, we got home from Jamies's going away party and then were shuffled out the door so the bus could pick us up. I was like, bus? what bus? what? Apparently the restaurant has a shuttle bus which I've never seen in Japan before but once we started driving I knew why, the restaurant is literally on top of a mountain, and a big fuck-off mountain at that. I was glad I was sitting on the back seat and couldn't see how close the half blind Occhan was going to the edge of the cliff around the corners. The mountain mission was definitely worth the view though, awesome. I took pictures but Ash was being a bugger and couldn't be arsed changing lens so the view pics are pretty shite, will get my shit together tomorrow and post some anyway though.

When we got there the uncle gave a speech about how the doctor said he was definitely going to die soon so he thought he should take his family out for a good meal. Err.... cheers?....woo...h... Oh wait, just bow head and look at shoes.
Luckily MIL started taking the piss out of him and said he'd be saying that when he was 90 years old and that we'd never get rid of him, we all relaxed a bit after that and I ordered more beer to take the edge off.

This place was fancy, the chefs are all trained in different specialities and the lady looking after us introduced herself and said if we needed anything we should ask her. I took advantage of this and ended up with my beer never being empty, a high chair for Ash, a real port-a-cot when he went to sleep, and access to a private office with air con when I got my tits out for the lad.
The meal was like 800 courses (of dainty Japanese food though so equals about 10 gaijin courses.) but man I was fucking bursting by the end of the night, lucky I was wearing stretchy pants or we would have been in trouble! Again, photos to come when I can be arsed.

I was curious to know how much it cost so being the uncouth gaijin that I am, I asked MIL who had put it on her card for the mileage. And fuck me, that mileage will fly her to whoop whoop and back again, 70 thousand fucking yen!!!! That's what like 850 bucks??? I think my beer tab took up most of it, I was well smished by the bus ride home. Uncle was going on about wanting to go to costco so seeing as though he shelled out a small fortune I offered to take him this week.

In other news..... not much going on, getting ready for my trip back home.. MIL going to Thailand for 2 weeks tomorrow... Ashton cut his top tooth and I cried, why? I have noooo fucking idea, since giving birth I've turned into a soft in the head crying machine. Piccies tomorrow!


  1. Wow I wouldn't have known to do or say either. Not really common thing to have a party for!

    Scary mountain roads always scare me too! View is worth it.

  2. gotta love getting shouted dinners like that..shame about the reason though.
    Ash cut his first tooth? Is that his first tooth ever? I always thought the bottom ones came first..I think Alex has some tooth cutting action going on..she has her two bottom ones..I think her two top ones are starting to make themselves known..narky, moody bub with strangely long naps...