Monday 20 September 2010

Bloody vodka! (I love you...)

I have an incredible love hate relationship going with vodka, I love it for many reasons: It get's you fucked up, it doesn't taste too horrible when mixed appropriately, and it leaves me with basically no hangover. Sounds like the perfect alcoholic beverage to have an affair with right!?

There is one thing that means vodka and I may have to break up permanently though, vodka makes me cry. Not just like sniff sniff, tear tear, I'm talking howling, unstoppable, heart wrenching crying. Over anything and everything. The even more annoying thing is, the other night as I was consuming a rather large green cup of vodka on the rocks at Sassymoo's place, I thought to myself and said to Ryochan, "I bet this is going to make me cry later..." I know it, but I can't stop it! I wasn't sad on the actual night, quite the opposite, lovely BBQ with good friends and conversation (mainly centred around being gay and boobs incidentally...), Ash was basically good the whole night, fuck, we even had Baskin Robbins ice cream cake, which is enough to make me wee a little bit in excitement usually, but as soon as we got home, the thinking and the bawling started. I actually hid my phone in the depths of my futon to stop myself emotional texting. Ryota was more than bemused despite my earlier warnings, and told me to think of all the happy things in my life like, and I quote his words: "Errr like Ash, and ummmm, like you're metcha kutcha good-looking husband....ummm, yeah, that's more than enough!" Way to comfort a girl there twat features.

But that was what I was trying to explain to him as well, it was pure vodka talking (crying?), I can honestly 100% say that if I hadn't drank vodka I would have gone to sleep with a big happy grin on my face. Weird! I guess it's just one of those things, will have to avoid vodka for a while to prevent this phenomenon, but the Russian bitch is oh soooo tempting!
Will have to refrain from drinking altogether for a while anyway as I'm doing a run in November and I know myself, drinking= no running the next day (yesterday prime example!) and I can do without the jiggling beer gut as I drag my already lardy and sizeable rump over the finish line!

In other news, Ryota has been in the dog house a bit due to surfing related incidents. Saturday was definitely a punishable offence, not hanging offence, but punishable for sure. He left at 5am and is usually back by lunchtime, a very extended flexible use of the word lunch time mind you, but usually home by about 2 or 3 in time to have a nap with Ash so I can get the million and one things I have to do done. On Saturday there was no word though, (he usually calls me when he's leaving so I get two hours warning) I wasn't that concerned, I mean they're thoughtless boys, why would they call. But when it got to 4pm and there was still no word I got a bit worried and had the whole 'irrational scenario flashes.' i.e. One of them had drowned, they'd had a car accident etc. I'd sent a mail in the afternoon asking where he was but still lovey dovey, the next was a pissed off mail complete with little red face smiley (frowny?) and finally I thought if he had actually been eaten by a shark and they found his phone with a bitchy mail from his wife on it I'd look bad so the last message was a 'worried' one. I was teaching from 4pm but between lessons he called me and told me in an out-of-breath voice that he was sorry but the waves were "so fucking good!" I couldn't really be angry then because I was relieved and happy he'd at least had fun. Nothing pisses me off more than him blowing off family time to surf only to come home and bitch about the waves, don't wanna hear it!

Then he went surfing again on Monday (public holiday), outwardly I was pissed but inside I was secretly a teeny bit happy, one less body lounging around my house and messing shit up. He was also home at a reasonable hour so didn't turn out too bad. The waves were apparently better than sex drugs and rock and roll put together according to him as well so all parties were very relaxed and happy after the long weekend!

OK- Just had a bizarre incident with SIL's boss, SIL apparently told her we were fighting when she was at work and now her boss wants to get us talking so has set up a meeting for us that is supposed to happen at 6pm, I'm too scared to go home almost! Don't want a confrontation in a language other than my own!! Should I be pissed that she told her boss (my student)?? What should I say?? Should I try and be a hard cunt or just let it go??? HELP ME!!! OK, get ready for a report tomorrow, if nothing else I'm sure she'll make a racist comment or two.


  1. I can't even begin to tell you how pissed I'd be if a boss of some family member decided to set up a meeting on his own to discuss a problem I was having. What business is it of theirs? I'd chew out the SIL and tell her boss, somewhat politely, to butt out of your business. But that's just me. :)

  2. Gulp a cup of vodka before you enter the 'meeting den' and wait for the tears... :)

  3. OMG family mediation. Personally, I'd let it go. I find it hard to deal with conflict esp with family or ppl I live around.

    Btw I'm the same with whiskey!

  4. I'd say organizing family mediation goes beyond the realms of the boss/student responsibilites, but I'd say go and entertain us with the inevitable crazy talk later. But definitely sneak some vodka first!

  5. Unbelievable. I say just go, listen and then leave. Don't be afraid, you're not the one in the wrong anyway!

  6. Wow, that seems very unnecessary on the part of her boss. How nosy. I'd say go, listen patiently, but if SIL says anything, let her have a big piece of your mind.

    In re: vodka - try gin! It mixes well. Does shochu do the same thing?

  7. Normally, I would be one to let it go, but with people like her, she's not going to change either way. But, sometimes if you shock them with your words and just let it all out, they just might get a glimpse of their own twatitude.

    I have one really annoying/racist J-girl friend. She didn't used to be that way but started hanging out with some really vapid sorority-type American girls and she just absorbed their idiocy seemingly over night. I got fed up with the stupid crap she'd say from time to time and just let her have it. And since then, she's acted a bit more like herself-- how she was before the vapidity took hold. So, ya never know. I know it's against Japanese culture to really say what you feel but sometimes you need to.

  8. Glad Ryouta had a good surf (and that you got some downtime)..waves were small and there were loads of people here so prob better wherever he went.
    SIL should just be shot-really really.