Monday 6 September 2010!

Ok posting from bed as am still too livid to sleep!

Mother fucking alien sil and I had a major blow out tonight but I'm actually kicking myself for not and not being able to say what I wanted. I wanted to say something to the effect of "shut your trap and go fuck your dog you ugly cunt" but in Japanese it would probably come out more as "please be quiet and go and have some relations with that puppy, old chap"....

Ok will post whole story tomorrow, as is smap related anyway but fuck me, tonight has really seriously got me thinking of moving to Australia, or at least away from that stupid bitch.


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  1. hey no fair.
    want the whole story now.

    Hope it all blows over and if not then that you can find a cheap flight on jester.

  2. Frightening to think that if you and R ever got divorced and you were sent away to OZ without Ash she might be the one raising him?!!?!

    kekkon ganbare!

  3. Sara- I would die before I let that happen, seriously!

  4. sitting on the edge of my seat here for the rest of the story.....

  5. Lol! I don't think I would even have the skills to say " go have some relations with that puppy, old chap! in Japanese.