Saturday 28 April 2012

Little bro update

Thank you for your concern for my brother-in-law, it's so hard being far away, even in this modern age, information is sketchy, but Ryota is headed to the Gold Coast tonight for a week to see what's going on (and have a little holiday on an insurance paid-for ticket!). At least if Junpei is going to get a life-threatening illness he chose to do it at a very convenient time when we all have holidays!

Things were looking better after he got out of ICU, they were monitoring him, keeping him on blood thinners to make sure there was no clotting in his brain and he was generally alert and able to walk around and stuff. Typical Aussie hospital too, they even let him go to a nearby restaurant for dinner the night his mum got there! Japanese hospital staff would have a brain hemorrhage just contemplating that idea! I hate the over-protective, often seemingly unnecessary hospital system here in Japan, but I have to admit, it makes me feel a little bit safer than the Aussie, "Yeah, you'll be right mate, just got a bit of a sore noggin'!" attitude!

They said that if his CT scan yesterday was all clear then he would actually be able to be released from hospital, but they have found more bleeding and they are now worried that it wasn't an isolated event, but actually caused by... something else... Literally my mother-in-law's words. When I asked her what she thought they meant, brain tumour and cancer were thrown around, and seeing as though he had leukaemia when he was a kid, this is a very fucking scary but quite real possibility.

I've never been close to my brother in law, but I've always had a soft spot for him and hate seeing him go through something so scary when he was just starting to actually live his life by escaping the jikka and seeing the world. Very very sad. They want him to get back to Japan as soon as possible to see about surgery and treatment options, but apparently we'll know more on Monday when he has more tests.

Again, keep him in your thoughts for me!


  1. Hope it's all okay. Poor bugger, better he's feeling better now his mum is there.

  2. Not sure what to say, for once, other than hope that he's okay in the end. How worrying for you all. :(

  3. "actually caused by... something else... Literally my mother-in-law's words."

    I know some mothers have vicious tongues, but that's going some...

    Joking aside, glad things are looking more stable and that he's got some family with him. Need to have people you love around you at times like this.

  4. Scary stuff to go through, hope for the best!

  5. Very very scary, especially for him being in a foreign country while all this is happening to him. That's good that his mom's there now and that Ryota is going out there for him too.
    Sending good vibes his way, that it's not any of the more serious causes..

  6. Corinne & Family,

    My prayers and best wishes are with you all. Thank you for deeping us updated on his progress.

  7. Seemed like good news at first, but must be worrying waiting for test results. :( You know, too much fussing freaks me out - I'd take the Australian style any day. But I understand where you're coming from.

  8. It's hard being far away when something goes wrong. I hope he is feeling better and that everything checks out ok for him. He is very lucky to have family that cares.

  9. Poor kid. I really do wish the best for him. Thank goodness it sounds like his doctors are on top of his care.

  10. Thank you very much for the update!
    Yeah, here in the US, hospital is like have to receive a "release" from your Doctor to get out. Seriously. NO way they'd let you go for a dinner!
    You are ALL in my thoughts & prayers!

  11. Good to hear he's out of ICU. I hope the tests are conclusive and he can start the necessary treatment ASAP. Thinking of you all! Deb

  12. Assie hospitals sound so much more inviting than what's available here when it comes to hospitality. If the staff are too easy on your brother-in-law, he might not want to leave.

    Your 'Perspective' post comes at a time when we just got news that our good neighbor may be dying.