Friday 7 September 2012

A guide to S&M in Japan

I can't remember if I've written about the S&M bar I used to go to here before, maybe not?? Will give it a crack anyway.

So when I was young, single and without either a small child attached to my boob (see photos below for evidence...)  or a slightly bigger small child demanding a drink/food/play, I had pretty much one hobby: Boozing. Well, good food and good booze, that was pretty much it, I had a regular drinking and buddy and when I think about it we really were a dangerous team, both loved and were good at drinking and egged each other on to the point of stupid drunkenness at times.
We not only drank outside but made black russians at home or put away a few bottles of wine while watching movies, no wonder I was so fat, broke and unhealthy!!

So we liked our regular bars but we also liked hunting for new bars and restaurants, which is how we came across the S&M bar, which was called "Nail bar" I still have the mama-san's business card somewhere. When we first walked in I was dubious, for one it looked a lot like a 'snack' bar, where you're charged a ridiculous amount just for plonking your arse on a chair. So when we enquired about a seating charge at the door, the mama started ushering us in but we'd been tricked like that before and told her we weren't going to pay for seating, she shushed us and said there is usually a seating charge, but she wanted some foreign custom and would let us off. We were happy with that, if we're going to be ostracised, may as well benefit us in some way! I was also dubious about the place because on the wall was a cabinet full of various sex toys, whips and contraptions for causing pain, it was then that we were asked if we were S or M and that if we were S we had to flip our drink coasters to blue and red for M... It was horribly weird and the mama was a normal looking woman but we did as we were told ((to go along with the S&M theme) and put our coasters to our appropriate colours and were given green tea cocktails, because they were 'Japanese'. Who knows what the fuck that was about, they wanted to expose us to some culture?? But fuck me it was the best and one of the strongest cocktails I've ever had and have never been able to have another one quite the same

After we'd relaxed a bit and realised we weren't actually going to have to strip and start whipping each other we got talking to the young girl working there who explained that customers could pay to go into the back room and do things to her for an astronomical fee, being nosey foreigners we wanted to know exactly what this entailed and she proceeded to lift up her shirt to reveal hundreds of nail marks on her back, hence the name "Nail bar". We were amazed, her once smooth skin was absolutely destroyed by scars and new indents, but she seemed proud of her markings, like she was really dedicated to her job...? Mama told us she was too old to take it and just whipped old men who got their kicks from that stuff.

We often went back to Nail bar and the only thing that stopped me from going back was when I got an email from a Japanese guy who said he wanted to lock me up in his basement (do they even fucking have basements in Japan??) and hurt me. I'd given mama my mail address (as you do here when you get friendly with people) and she'd fucking given it to a customer who obviously has a fetish for locking girls up while getting a bit of English practice in. It got a little bit too freaky then, even for me!

Sometimes I think my life is boring, but then I realise that the quiet life probably actually is the best (and safest!) option for me!

Right, a few pixxies so you know why I've not been posting, I just want to be with this little guy all day!!


  1. Here's me wondering how you get so much traffic, and then you go and give a post a title like this.

    And while I'll belatedly join in the collective relief that things are less fraught for you right now, what I really want to know is whether you flipped your coaster to red or blue...

  2. He's so lovely. Baby boy and boobs should beat blog in list of priorities, I think you've got that right.

  3. I reckon they'd be a fortune in being a VERY strict English teacher in Japan. I've been tempted -- I'd get no sexual pleasure from taking a whip to a salaryman but I reckon I'd get a lot of personal satisifaction.

  4. awesome boobs, little fella looks happy!
    Big headline, thin copy, that's all that went down?

  5. nailbar?? doko? is it somewhere in hyogo? why do I never come across anything exciting or sick here :D;

    wow your boy already looks like a behaving baby ! congrats!

  6. Why are the Japanese so kinky???? I really don't get it, like are they ACTUALLY kinky or is it just what they've been told kinky is so they all just pretend to get way too into it?

  7. Take religion (guilt) out of sex and you end up with very few boundaries!

  8. True Story:

    I saw the thumbnail for the post and I saw the nipple. I know the kid is there too but God as my witness I stopped my desperate need to hit the bathroom which I was about to do until I saw the nipple.

    I clicked myself here...ignored everything you wrote which I'm sure was great...and just though..."awesome nipple!! Huge Areola and just really nice white skin. iphone has an app called vidpix which can grab frames from the vis so you could get a action shot of just before he envelopes and obscures the nipple.

    I am such a twisted sick fuck!! No?
    Am I the only commenter that thought awesome boob?
    Corrine...seriously....I would dress up in whatever getup you, doraemon, Men at Work member, ...whatever if I can take baby's spot.

    Best post of the fucking year!!!!!!!!! er...candidate....candidate for best post of the year cuz I think you can do better!!!

    Corrine has awesome breasts!!! (I'm assuming the other is the same!!

  9. This is going to sound like the weirdest comment ever, but I really like your nail polish in the top picture.

    What a cute kid, btw :)!

  10. Good job feeding your baby. He is so cute and chunky! Love his sweet smile.