Friday 7 June 2013


I've been trying to put some before after pics but the after pic always gets really stretched! Which is funny because it makes me look way fatter than before, but I just gave up, I'll put a before pic and then you'll just have to imagine 8kgs lighter! Fuck it, I'll just add the stretchy picture too...

 No the baby isn't a midget I am actually that fat!!
hehe Stretchy!
I really should have taken real before and after pictures but I never thought I'd be able to diet as well as I have.
In other news... Brother in law has had a tube permanently implanted inside him (somewhere?) to stop the blood clot travelling to his heart. He's also starting rehabilitation this week so hopefully will be up and about and not dying soon!
I have to apologise, I just found 4 comments that I hadn't approved, maybe I should turn the comment approve function off now my admirer has stopped leaving creepy comments... Anyway, if I miss a comment I'm so sorry, I get too much mail to my phone and totally miss comments sometimes, must get better at that.
Right, off to teach a lesson or two and then it's BBQing time this weekend! Rainy season my arse J-peeps, it rained for like one day!!
Happy weekend!


  1. lol, can't you just take another "after" pic, since you're still skinny now? lol. but even so, we can still see the difference in your face and arms... well done!!

    as someone who is also currently undergoing massive weigthloss, i can totally understand your pain and suffering, and desire for praise and acknowledgement of your efforts!

    so here's to you!! ^^

  2. Corrine you look fab! Could you please tell us how you're loosing the weight? Would love some tips. Thanks

  3. Must say I totally agree. :-D

    But as the pro that I am, I can see the difference even from those two pictures. Well done!
    And I can also see that you're in need of some serious vacation!

  4. OK, so the stretchy picture makes it a little more difficult, but your face looks so much slimmer. Looking good!

  5. Yo...I was never your 'admirer'. Nor did I leave creepy comments, I left ones that pissed you and the J-gaijin mommy brigade off (and that steroid-infused delusional meathead 'badboy'. Calling your school was a bit of a laugh (in hindsight, I am sorry about that).

    You have sort of fallen off here, get back to blogging more often. You're nowhere near as interesting as 'Midlife crisis in Japan' was (I wonder what happened to her) but you were a pretty distant second. Get on it please/thanks/peace.

    PS Good weight loss but you can do better, you're still fat. Keep that momentum and don't let the fats discourage you by telling yo it's OK to be carrying out excess cutaneous fat.