Monday 18 May 2009

Girls day brain explosion and explosion of the pooey kind.

Having a baby eats sooooo much of your time. I miss going out to an izakaya and having a few beers with my girlfriends on a whim. Or maybe I just miss beer in general... Hmmmm....beeeerrrr...
Wow it's been a while since I've done that, seeing as though from 5pm onwards it's a struggle to; get bubby in the bath, keep the house reasonably tidy, get a shower, greet Ryota with a big cheery "Okaeri!", make sure he gets out of his filthy work clothes and into a bath without getting distracted too much by computer/TV, not burn dinner, serve dinner, wash up, get Ash all fed and sleepy, fight off the in-laws coming in and trying to stuff us with their leftover dinner, be all geisha-like and entertain Ryota with my titilating conversation skills, get Ash to sleep, (x about 10 times) and go to bed without fainting from exhaustion. Well, I am being a little dramatic, depends on the day.

So yesterday I finally got my three best J-girl friends over to our house, I hadn't seen them since December before I left for Aussie. I had a great plan to make lunch and show them how the former beer guzzling wild-child gaijin could transform into a perfect housewifey. Didn't happen. My original curry plan quickly turned into reheated costco pizza.

Here are my friends with little Ash.

They're great girls, I say girls, they're all over 30! They don't look it at all and are all young at heart so that's all that counts. We used to speak in English because they wanted to practice but recently they've given up and ALL our conversations are in Japanese. Usually I like speaking Japanese and it doesn't stress me out, even if I don't understand I just smile and give a few "sou ne's" here and there. But when I'm catching up on 6 months of gossip with my friends, it annoys me when I can't understand. Annoyed with myself that is. And I feel bad for asking them to repeat something. Grrrrrr. I ended up being sooo tired when they left from all the brain strain Japanese overload!
All in all it was a nice day, cake was gooooooddddd. I did go to the trouble to make a cake and Ranka-chan brought a roll cake which was very tasty. (Notice the similarity of my chocolate cake to the 'sorry cake' ~Minus the sorry plus some strawberries, sweeeetttt.)

They also brought me a really beautiful gift of a digital photo frame to put all my Ash snaps in. Will be so great to have all my photos on display, it makes me feel like my genkan is a spaceship!

Ashton also excelled himself in the poo department, these photos are pretty gross but quite funny, he giggled after he covered me in baby poo!!!! Little devil.


  1. hahaha, girl you don't have to give up social life when you become a mummy- don't ever lose yourself girl--so I am so happy you had your girlfriends over, that is funny as hell about the poo-- but Nasty all the same- haha, someone has the serious RUNS-- so you'll just be a calmer wild child with a

  2. Gotta love the poo! My daughter did a wonderful one on the airplane half way between Japan and New Zealand once. Of course I had a zillion changes of clothes for her, but none for me....

  3. Girl Japan~ Sometimes I do feel like I have no social life anymore, and you're right, i shouldn't give it up, I should defnitely make more of an effort! That poo is nasty, hope nobody was eating dinner when they saw it...

    Jo~ Ohhh i was scared about the airplane, that would be awful! I was lucky, I was at home and just jumped in the shower!