Tuesday 12 May 2009

Wife of the year, right here!

After Sunday's blow-up I felt really bad, especially after talking to other gaijin mama's who got the exact same treatment, it wasn't just Ryota being a dick. Phew.

So I took the time yesterday to do what a good Japanese wifey would do, and said it with food. I made Ryota's favourite dinner and then a ごめんなさい cake (Sorry cake). Isn't it purrrdy! (And so sickly and corny that you wanna vomit all over it!)

Ryota and I hardly ever fight so in one way it upsets me when we do, but on the other hand it does make me remember how much I appreciate having him. As far as men go, he's one of the good guys and supported me 100% when I got pregnant, where I think a lot of guys would have run for the hills!

In other news I'm now officially scamming receiving unemployment benefits!!
WooHoo that's got to be on a goal list of mine somewhere, to be on the dole in Japan. But hey, I worked for 4 years paying that tax that I never knew what was for! I went to the Hello work office today and it was packed! But the advantage of not being Japanese came in handy again, they got all panicky at the sight of a foreigner and stamped my little paper straight away, 10 minutes for about 200,000 yen.

And lucky it didn't take too long, I was not in a good mood today after Ashton boy kept me up last night, no wonder he was so tired, here's a picture of him this morning.

"Flat out like a lizrd drinking eh cobber!"


  1. Ohhh your cake looks YUMMY!!!! I bet Ryota totally "ate it up" literally and figuratively. Hahaha for the "unemployment payments" I am going to be doing the same thing eventually... I think since I didn't renew my contract though I have to wait 3 months from quitting - so around november to be eligable to recieve any benefits!

    Enjoy your 20man and treat yourself to something nice - but save 3man or so to come visit me later this year!!!!!! :D

  2. Sara~ The cake was actually pretty good and yes, it definitely made peace! Oooo quick, join the gaijin dole club, it's great! Don't worry I'll definitely be saving my pennies for a trip to see you!