Friday 11 February 2011

It's official

I am married to a fucking mental case that has a head that looks suspiciously like a big, shiny, knob.

Ryochan made me promise I wouldn't go flashing these photos around, but really, who lets their wife take a photo of them looking like an absolute dickhead when he knows she has a blog and isn't afraid to showcase her weird family on it. His own fault I say.

Speaking of dickheads, it was Ash's school concert yesterday, and the kids sang an English song I taught them, an English song that happened to come with a set of very spastic looking actions, which I had to do in front of every mother fucker in the place. And it was packed, there were irate Grannies banging on the windows to get a squiz of their Grandkids as they got their 1 minute on stage, people shoving old people out of the way to get better camera views and just general chaos. I wouldn't have minded getting up and dancing like a twit, but Japanese parents are so fucking stone faced when they watch school concerts, it was really intimidating, think I'll have a few shots of vodka before the next one, or get my hands on a joint, although that would be bad, I'd probably end up with the munchies and retreat to the school kitchen and raid the kid's lunches.

I'm on day 2 of 4 with both Ash and Ryochan in house 24/7, trying to ignore the mess and lack of anything productive being done and just get on with it. Happy long weekend to those lucky bastards who have the house to themselves!


  1. So, apart from the fact that Ryo is actually quite hot, what's with the riding helmet?

    And ditto everyone with a house to themselves for the weekend can fuck off. Arrrggghhhh. Bloody house will small children and smelly old woman.

    Granny K, not me.

  2. hahahaha its awesome :D

    I will be sending the kiddo to kindy tomorrow instead of today. Already 3 days in a row is just. too. much :oP

  3. "I wouldn't have minded getting up and dancing like a twit, but Japanese parents are so fucking stone faced"

    I did a Happy O'Kai infront of about 400 people and I woulda been scared of THAT except the kids were lookin at me like...

    "what THE FUCK is this white weirdo doing and why do we have to do it??...I hate my mommy!!"

    It was surreal and besides the Yakz threat to burn the entire Eikaiwa chain down to the ground...that event is the #2 reason I opened my own School.

    HOLY SHIT that sucked SOOO much!!

    I coulda used a bong hit or 2 that day.