Saturday 12 March 2011

Well fuck me.

Wanking off Mickey Mouse man seems totally insignificant when 1000's of people are dead, homes lost, people stranded and general chaos has engulfed the country where you live.

I felt the earthquake yesterday and was freaked out. Being an Aussie I'm very ill prepared for earthquakes and tend to panic. When I first moved here I kept an emergency earthquake pack next to my bed every night. Although slightly extreme, doesn't seem like such a bad idea now. But yesterday when I felt the room start to sway a little I had no idea of the destruction and horrible chaos that was unfolding in the north of Japan. I knew it was a big one though, as pretty much straight away facebook was filled with updates from gaijin women around the country who had felt the quake. To be felt all over means it's a big fucker.

And big fucker would be an understatement, the destruction, death and general chaos on the TV is making me feel sick. Just so so very sad, mother nature really is a moody, heartless bitch sometimes. I'm pretty sure all my friends are safe, and luckily all our family are in the Kansai area, so we are incredibly lucky. Ryota's ex-girlfriend (who we are still friends with) is fine but hasn't heard from her family in Sendai which is a big worry. I really hope and pray that they got away from the tsunami.

Not one to usually be soppy on this blog, but yesterday's events and the death and destruction that we are seeing unfold today are really making me appreciate all that I have and encouraging me to live every day to the fullest. Fuck, I may even go give dog-fucker a hug.

Actually, no, won't go that far...

All those in Japan, I hope you and your family are safe and can get through this traumatic experience.


  1. We didn't feel it here, so it was so weird when I started to hear about it. How could something so huge be happening in the same country as me and I carried on as normal? Just praying for the people up there and trying to think of something, anything I can do to help. Sadly, I don't think I can.

  2. So glad you and yours are safe.

    Margaret M

  3. Glad you are safe. It was bloody scary in Tokyo but not that bad compared to elsewhere.

  4. "Wanking off Mickey Mouse man seems totally insignificant when 1000's of people are dead,"

    The web is about to be FLOODED (no pun intended) with one million first person gaijin earthquake reports...Mickey looks better than ever.

  5. I'm glad you're safe and your family is in my thoughts.