Monday 1 June 2009

Our house...

So here are a few pictures of the outside of our house, I'm trying to depict just how close it is to my in-laws' house!

This is MIL's house with the bike out front-

And this is our house-

And this is how close they are, MIL's bike, our stroller... ya get it.

Here's a further away view

And the view from my front dooor, yup, you guessed it, their front door!

Making an excuse as to why I was taking photos was interesting, I had to say my family are interested in Japanese houses! I have to laugh, or I might just cry. As I said before, good days and bad days.

Today was a bit of a bad day, possibly TMI but I was up on and off all night last night with little Ashton and his amazing vomit so when I sleepily stumbled to the toilet this morning and let out an extraordiarily loud fart I certainly didn't expect my brother-in-law to burst out laughing.

Red-faced, I quickly jumped on the internet and explored the option of us moving back to Aussie, where neighbours are at least a fart away!

Happy effing Monday! Hope you all have a good week!


  1. I luv you darling for being honest about letting ONE RIP-- OH MY GOSH, that is so funny, so hilarious that I nearly spewed OJ threw my nose.....

    What a Monday, eh?

  2. Girl Japan~ The day actually improved after that! I suppose it was a pretty bad start so it had to get better! hehe honesty is the best policy I say... well, actually I don't know when it comes to passing wind...

  3. muhahahahahahaha! Had to laugh about the fart story. LOL

    I am living with the in-laws now- so I can feel your pain. I dont mind living close, but I want to be at least a short walk away!

  4. yay! house piccies!!
    you guys really do live close... it shocked the crap out of me when I was visiting and all of a sudden Ryota's little bro was there standing next to us!! lol

    weeks almost over luv!! (hugs)

  5. Lulu~ Right!? A stroll at least! Good luck living with the in-laws, the only good thing about living with them is you appreciate not living with them when you move! haha.

    Sara~ I know, the little bastard pops up out of nowhere ALL THE TIME! hehe. I'm glad you've witnessed how close it is, people don't believe it when I tell them!