Thursday 4 June 2009

Am I the only one left who likes birthdays?

Yesterday was SIL's birthday, she turned 24 and me being a birthday fanatic, wanted to do something special, actually I just wanted to do SOMETHING.
Like most families in Japan, Ryota's family do not make a big deal of birthdays, they sometimes forget them. Talking to Ryota's uncle about it, he was all like "I don't even know when my own birthday is, let alone anyone elses!" I get this is a cultural thing, but I just can't let birthdays go by, it goes against my upbringing.

So Ryota's family have had to 'give in' and celebrate birthdays in some way, it's like it's a chore for them!
I'm all about presents, and as much as I love getting them, I like even more to think about the person and to give them something they really want or need.

My SIL is always helping me with Ash, doing my nails for free, and generally a nice person who I really appreciate so yesterday we went shopping and had ice cream, we got her a present and then had sushi and cake. It was nice. I made Ryota sign the birthday card and he actually said, "I've never written my sister a birthday card before, what do I write??" Uh... happy birthday is a start... Jesus!

I feel sorry for SIL sometimes, she's really nice (although quite fiesty when she wants to be) but literally never leaves the house, unless it's to go to work about once a week or take the dog for a walk. She's kind of the black sheep of the family, eveyone else is very social, but she's a total home body. I'm hoping when I have time for a social life again I can drag her with me!

And speaking of presents, I ordered Ryota's father's day present, and bought his anniversary gift yesterday. Father's day is a really nice mug, (he's using a crappy, chipped one at the moment) with "Ashton's daddy" written on it. And anniversary is a diesel watch, it was expensive but he's mad on diesel stuff and his watch is being held together with one of my hair elastics!

On the Ashton boy front, HE NOW WEIGHS 9.5kgs! That is very not normal for a 4 month old. He's also discovered he can hold his feet with his hands and just can't stop making the V symbol whenever he's laying down. I'll leave you with this pic, sorry for the graphic nature!


  1. Having a little girl, this view seems so foreign to me!!! LOL!!!!

  2. Hahaha, cute pic! I am sure he will love that come his 18th or 21st!!!

    I love birthday`s too and here, my PILs do nothing for their son`s birthdays but since I lived here for a bit last time, and had my birthday here at the time they have made a bit more of an effort. I always get a present (and so does Kazumi, my SIL) and we have a cake for the next dinner we are all together for ALL the birthdays including the PILS. It is like a mini tradition now!

    I hope SIL appreciated your effort!

  3. Japan Tara~ I know! I never had any brothers so all the little boy bits were all weird for me too!

    Lulu~ I know, I'm embarrassing him already and he's only 4 months old!
    I think SIL did appreciate the effort, she was all bowing at the end of the day.
    I think it's nice if we can bring a bit of birthday cheer with us eh!

  4. OMG at that pic!!! Ash is going to be so embarrassed when you pull that out for the first time!!

    I like birthdays too!! I enjoy celebrating - but no one here really seems to as much. I usually try and take Ryohei out for a nice dinner on his and he usually buys me something small for mine! Don't need a lot just the thought that counts!!

    I told him he better be remembering mothers day tho!! Another annoyance for him along with our anniversary hahahaha. Hope you'll post up pics of Ryota's new mug... aww

  5. First time at your blog but wanted to say hi! My son Joey was 8.5kgs when he was 4 months old- used to be tough work carrying him around all the time! LOL! He is still pretty stocky now but the growth slowed somewhat after the first 6 months!
    As for birthdays- I am a HUGE birthday fan and used to make my ex-H's family celebrate as well. I think it is a great custom to introduce into your new family!

  6. I love birthdays! My parents always make a big deal out of them for my brother and I so I would feel really sad not continuing the tradition in Japan. My boyfriend had never even had a birthday cake before I made him one! Luckily his experience growing up hasn't stopped him from always making a big deal of mine and it's nice to see how pleased he is when I get him birthday presents and cake evey year. No cards though! :)

  7. Sara~ hehe, I know isn't the pic great, we took like a zillion shots too, so we could get it just right to post at his 18th birthday party.
    hehe, I don't think Ryota will be game to miss any more holidays/ anniversary after my mother's day hissy fit! These bloody men, we have to remind them about everything! I'll definitely be posting pictures of the mug, it's very cute!

    Midori~ Hi! I've been over to your blog a few times, Joey is just gorgeous! Nice to know the growth slows down a bit, I do find myself going over and scamming the in-laws massage chair every night because my back is killing me!

    GEG~ Me too, my parents always made a big deal for us! It's nice to see so many of us are making a big deal of them in Japan. Yeh the significance of cards get lost here hey. I was always taught to open the card frist and read the message before ripping into the prezzie but I've given up on that small detail!

  8. Hey my husband next to me did a double take and said "hm... that kitty chan looks a bit different" hahaa derrr....

    I love cute chubby babies...It is also nice to see some new commenters too!!!!

    Birthdays.. I will milk it any chance I get... well that is at least my excuse to eat cake., doing your nails for free. STOP IT, I am so jealous.. well maybe I can bribe the mister into doing my toe nails....