Saturday 27 June 2009

I still ❤ u 4eva JPN!!!

Because in what other country could this happen?

Tell me, in what other country could you take a serious(?) political party, and slap an English name on it like "The happiness realization party..." ????

I must say though, if a dirty-blooded gaijin such as myself was ever allowed a vote, Kyoko-chan would get mine. (If only the Royal Host waitress could see me reading hiragana and, SHOCK ,kanji!! She may just keel over!)
It's a nice break to see a sista' doin it for herself (or the happiness realization party) instead of the sea of grey-haired wankers who grace the posters around erection time. Looks like she even got her hair all coiffed for the occasion.

I wonder about the policies of the Happiness realization party, I really do.

And on the sexism note, has anyone seen the commercial(?) warning(?) on TV about people calling up old folks pretending to be their son/grandson and scamming money?? It may only be on cable, and yes, this is another Japanese commercial rant.
So phone rings, granny picks up and the scammer says it's her son and needs money, she agrees and says she's going to the ATM right now. Dude comes on and says "Ooookkkuuuussssaaaannnn, you should be more careful!" So she picks up the phone again and instead of saying either;
A) You good for nothing little bastard, if you really are my son, stop relying on mummy and daddy for funds and get a job ya little leech! or
B) I know you're a con-artist because you sound nothing like my son you scum of the earth low-life, get some balls and rob a bank instead of picking on old grannies!
No no, she says: "Hmmm, wait a minute I have to talk to my husband."
WTF is with that??? What age are we living in? Of course husband will know what to do, becasue men are just sooooo less prone to scams.

Unbelievable, blatant sexism in 2009 but I still love you Japan, becasue you can still make me laugh and snap a photograph on my way to the supermarket.


  1. I would so vote for her too! Even just based on the party's name, love it. I haven't seen that commercial but for some reason am not suprised. Will have to keep my eye out for it, till then I have my "Fits" song and dance commercial to entertain me :)

  2. The campaign slogans are very conservative and doesn't quite fit the name of the party.