Friday 12 June 2009

Move over biatches, the demanding gaijin and her jumbo sized baby are in town!

I got my hair done today! Yay! It took 5 freakin hours but it was worth it, it was also 5 hours of chatting with my Hide-kun who I have a major crush on, damn shame we were talking about Ryota most of the time. hehe

I promised myself I wasn't going to go blond again because it is too hard and expensive to maintain, but I really do prefer being blond, it just makes me feel better. So I got some more blond and a cut today.

My Hide-kun was nervous today, I was very much fitting the demanding gaijin stereotype. I brought a picture with me (of Victoria Beckham bizarrely, it was just the right colour) and explained to him that if I walked out of the salon with a shock of orange hair which is what I have got in the past when I've asked for blond in Japan, I would be very angry and have to give him a spanking. Ewwww, haha OK I didn't say that but I made it very clear with what I wanted which I don't usually do.
He went to work, picture in one hand, colouring brush in the other and kept nervously checking the colour while I watched like a hawk. Poor pet, I really do love him. I think there's a picture of him on the salon website, I'll try and post it.

5 reasons I love Japanese hair salons.
#1- The head and shoulder massages are soooooo good.
#2- They chat to you just the right amount.
#3- You can watch DVDs while your hair is done.
#4- They have wicked good drinks, not just tea and coffee.
#5- They follow you out the door bowing and screaming 'thank you' until they can't see you anymore.

Yesterday Ashton had his 4 month check-up. It was nothing like I imagined, every 4 month old and their mama from the city was there, literally!
I got the usual glance to me, glance to MIL and gawk at Ashton with an occasional "Ohhh he's so white!" thrown in, which is fine.
We all had to line up with our little neked, squirming bundles for weighing and measuring and stuff. I was stalking the other baby's nappies and they were ALL S or M size!! The L stamped on the bum of Ash's nappy seemed to stand out so much more because I was looking.

So when we got to the weigh in table, he was put on the scale and in an extremely loud voice the lady exclaimed "9.5KG'S!!?? HE'S THE BIGGEST BABY HERE TODAY! OUR SCALE ONLY GOES TO 10! LUCKY HE'S NOT ANY BIGGER!!!" I slinked away red-faced with my economy sized offspring but saw all the other mums were giving me encouraging smiles so I didn't feel that bad. Out of 60 babies, he was the biggest in weight and length! (When do babies graduate from being long to being tall?? When they can walk??)
He's fine though, no problems to report and the nice doc assured me because he's also very long, (69cm) it just means he's going to be tall and he's all balanced out. Phew!

Also, as per Sara's request, here is the picture of the mug I got Ryota for father's day, or rather a picture of me trying to balance a baby and a mug while taking a picture...

Take 1...

Take 2...

Hope everyone has a great and safe weekend!


  1. Love the hair. You look great!!

  2. Yes, your new hair style is great :) I'm glad that they didn't stuff it up... I have never had my hair dyed either in Australia or Japan but most of the time the silly hairdressers here can't even get the style that I want right. And as you can see from my photos, it is really much of a style anyway :P

    More photos please!! I love seeing photos of Ash :)

  3. Beamies~ Thank you! It will be all wavy and full of baby spit (I'm sure you know the feeling!) tomorrow but it's all good for one day!

    Nay~ Thanks! I know, the hair dressers here are shocking sometimes! You've never dyed your hair?? oh my god, I so wish I'd never started dying my hair, it's like an addiction now, but I'm terrified I'll have grey hair if i let it go natural!!! Your hair must be so healthy though, mine's damaged from all the constant stuff I do to it!
    Asking for more photos of Ash is dangerous... I will go crazy!

  4. Love the new hair girl!!! Looks great! I think Ash looks so cute in those photos! For some reason he reminds me of a skinhead harley rider, only a mini one!!! Put a bandana on him and he would totally fit the part!!! :)
    He is gonna be a tall guy huh!!! AT 4 months old and he's already 69cm long! That is exactly half the size of my MIL (138cm)!!!

  5. Hair looks great! Watch out "Yummy Mummy" on the loose! I'm currently debating if I should colour my hair again. I've been dying it for as long as I can remember to the point where I'm not really sure what my natural colour is anymore. I've let it go since KK was born and am now thinking perhaps I'll just leave it for awhile..decisions, decisions.

    Now let's talk about lil or not so lil Ash! 4mths and 9.5kgs?? What are you feeding that boy? Magic power up Mario mushrooms? I weighed KK today at the Isetan and he's about 6.4kgs and 62cm, he's still in S
    size diapers.

  6. OMG Skin head Harley rider.... hahah Nooh, you make me laugh girl...

    Cute overload with Ash, and girl.. I have been wanting to go blonde, blonde, blonde, but it is so damn expensive to maintain, right? Gosh forbid me having dark roots... Yummy Mummy, Hot Momma!

  7. Nooh~ Thanks! I agree with the harley rider comment, so much and I swear to god this is the truth, we put a bandana on him last week and took loads of photos of him, I'll post it just for you!
    hehe, half your MIL??? Oh dear god i should strat training him for a basketball team now...

    Chom Chom~ Thank you! I was the same, just let my hair go because I was too busy and whatever but it feels sooooo good now. And must look not too bad too becasue Ryota said it looked great when he got home from work and decided to take me out to a restaurant tomorrow night, so I recommend it, hubby might have a similar reaction! I also have nooooo idea what my natural colour is anymore!
    Ohhhh mini sumo Ash is pure booby fed only, so maybe I have magic milk??

    Girl Japan~ *sigh* I know, I lurrrvvveee being blond but it feels like it lasts a week and then it's another 10,000 yen for those damn roots. Although the kids at the school I used to teach at assured me that black roots are cool... hmmm cultural perk perhaps??? But they still annoy the hell out of me every time I look in the mirror!

  8. Great hair colour! And so good that you have a competent Japanese stylist (and hot to boot) to do it! Japanese stylists get that deer-in-headlights look with my thick wavy hair so I only let an Australian guy here in Tokyo do it, although it is so painfully expensive.

  9. GEG~ Thanks! Yup, I think I really lucked out, although it was pricey. I thought about going to a 'forein specialist' salon in the city but the prices really are ridiculous eh! An Australian guy?? haha, I don't know if I'd trust an Aussie bloke either...hehe