Wednesday 17 June 2009

Strep throat update

*Warning: The end of this post contains a fairly gross picture of my infected tonsils, if those things make you ill, please close now!

So Monday night, after I went to see Dr Smartarse I was confident the medicine and painkillers would kick in and I would start to feel a little bit better. No such luck.

When we went to bed I was going from a raging sweaty fever to cold chills, I couldn't swallow properly and was horribly dizzy. My body also felt like it was made of stone it was so heavy. Not fun at all.

Ashton was being a very good little lad for me though, and Ryota was helping out getting me cold packs all night and woke up with me every time despite having to wake up at 5:30am the next morning to go to work.

I think the low point of the night was when I had just gotten to sleep and had a horrible dream.; My face was trapped under a yakiniku grill and I was looking up through it with my mouth wide open and all of Ryota's family were taking hot pieces of yakiniku meat and dropping it down my throat...hehe classic 'I was hot and my throat was killing me' dream, but scary all the same.

The pain was so intense I woke up crying in my sleep, and I'm talking big fat crocodile tears running down my face. Ryota woke me up becasue he said my face was all screwed up in pain. My temperature was still 38 and I was just miserable when Ryota went to work. I had noooo energy, even lifting Ash (well, he is almost 10kgs!) was an effort and I didn't want to have a dizzy spell and drop the poor little tyke!

So Ash was off to the in-laws for the morning while I tried to sleep, but it was impossible with my throat so bad.

The day pretty much continued this way, my fever going up and down and me feeling either crappy or a little less crappy. In the afternoon I thought I'd check my tonsils to see if the swelling had gone down but they were even worse and covered in more white stuff than I've ever seen before. I still wasn't that concerned though, I was taking my meds properly and I know these things take time. When MIL got home and demanded to take my temp herself in case I was 'gaman-ing' it and inspect my tonsils she went into a major panic and almost started crying at the white gunk. It was pretty disgusting. She told me that I had "kabi" on my tonsils. Kabi? Mould?? haha, I was like "kabi, as in kabi-killer???" (Kabi-killer is a cleaning product in Japan that is great for bathrooms and stuff.) She was like 'Yes! Yes! Kabi! Like the black grimy stuff in the shower!!"

Gee thanks MIL, I feel soooooo much better about the festering flesh blocking the back of my throat now...

So it was off to an emergency trip back to the clinic, where Dr Smartarse said it had indeed gotten worse instead of better and I was to have a drip of antibiotics immediately. MIL was hovering over me and asking over and over if it hurt yet, which was a little off-putting, but it didn't hurt at all and the nurse was very nice. It's weird, I used to HATE needles of any kind but now I don't mind them at all and actually donate blood!

That was yesterday, and I'm happy to say I feel a lot better today after the antibiotics. I have to go back to the clinic today for another drip and keep taking the meds but I think the worst is definitely over.

I was so worried about little Ash getting it, but Dr Smartarse assured me that magical breastmilk will fight off any germs that are passed on to him. Ryota, however is not drinking magical milk and had a bit of a sore throat yesterday, so I'm worried I've infected him, although he sweats so much at work I think he'll be able to fight it off.

Feeling genki enough to go warehouse shopping today, woohoo!

And now, for the extremly gross photo of my tonsils. This was taken last night and today they haven't changed that much but I'm hoping they will improve some time today!

There's like no space between them!!!


  1. I'm glad that your on the mend, sounds like you've been to hell and back. I've got to say that I love the kabi killer incident with your MIL, classic, had me in stitches just thinking about it. Oh and as a side note, isn't kabi killer great! I love the stuff though I'm sure it's not that great for the body. Hopefully you won't have anymore strange dreams involving yakiniku and Ryota's family...very scary indeed. Hope you recover before the weekend.

  2. Ugh, I know how you feel. I had several bad bouts of strep throat when I was in high school. Take care of yourself.

  3. OMG what a pic....
    you poor thing glad to hear you are feeling better though! Are you sure you don't want to start Ryota on a course of the magical breastmilk as well (hahahaaha)

  4. OUCH! I used to get tonsilitis when I was younger and it sucked so I feel your pain. When they took them out when I was about 9 they crumpled in the drs hands because they were so gross.

    Feel better soon!

  5. Yucky! I am happy you are starting to feel better. Raiden has a throat infection too but not nearly as bad. Guess my milk has lost some of it's magical capabilities :) Hopefully you are able to enjoy your pudding now (only good thing about sore throats is it is acceptable to live on a diet of pudding, ice cream and jello).

  6. Oh your poor girl! Your throat looks awful!! I hope you are feeling better now?? I can't believe how bad your throat got in such little time... I hope you are on the recovery!!