Wednesday 12 August 2009

Bloody stubborn men!!!!

Correction. One man. The man I live with. The man I am supposedly going to stay married to for the rest of my life. Ha!

It's not that bad, my usual drama queen instincts are taking over but man I was pissed this morning. This is what happened; I'm sick of making bento, I think it's stupid in this ridiculous heat and becoming very tedious for me so I thought a sandwich might be a nice change. Discussed this with cock smoker (AKA Ryota) and he agreed, he's a sandwich kinda guy, it was all good.

So last night when I was just falling into dreamland, Ash was snoring, cock smoker was snoring, I was on my way to snoring, the thought struck me that we have no cooler bags at our house and the sandwiches would go all sloppy if I didn't use one. So the good loving wifey that I am, I trotted over to the in-laws house in my jammies and got a cooler bag, put bottles of water in the freezer to use as cooler bag blocks and then went back to bed. Cock smoker was none the wiser mind you.

Fast-forward to this morning, I stumbled out of bed and bleary-eyed, made my little sandwiches. As I was about to pop them in the cooler bag cock smoker strolls over, throws his plates in the sink FOR ME TO WASH (as always) and said "I'm not taking that, it's too big."
I instantly started slamming things around at that point and when I asked why, he said that everyone would laugh at him for having a big cooler bag.

What are we, like fucking 12 years old now?? They would all more likely be jealous that he had cool fresh sandwiches rather than a box of melting Japanese crap! I put this point across but it was going nowhere. It ended with me leaving them and telling him to do what ever the fuck he wanted.

This is where Ryota and I differ the most I think, he is very worried about what other people think, where as I really don't give a fuck.
Another example, when Ash was born, Ryota claimed he wanted to do all the clothes shopping for him because I would put him in cheap clothes. Of course I will, he's inside the house and spitting/pissing/shitting/vomiting on his clothes at hourly intervals! It was a different story when it came to the crunch though and Ryota learned the hard way that cute clothes are the hardest to get get on and off, not to mention ridiculously overpriced.

Ryota has 5 days off starting tomorrow so we'll either have a great holiday or we'll kill each other, either way never boring!

EDIT: OK, feel bad now, just got a very sweet apology mail complete with cute bad English. My cock smoker's not so bad really.


  1. awww Corinne how frustrating that must have been... i have had the exact same situation COMPLETE with apology mail or cake or something or other which makes me relent a little bit on how much I want to KILL my Ryo at that time...

    hope your Obon is fun!!!!! 5 days woo hoooo!!! Ryohei doesnt have any vacation this year :(

    are you guys doing anything exciting?

  2. oh jeez, yoshi isn't much different. and whenever he starts with worrying about what others' think, i want to PUNCH him!! seriously, we are over thirty now. i don't give a fuck what others think! lol

  3. I cannot believe I forgot you had this blog! I've just spent the last 2 nights reading through your archives to catch up!!!

    I found myself taking blood off a Japanese lady today and I wanted to say "I've been reading this book..."

    So, you must be a good writer! :) I feel like I've just read a novel.

    Digging it. Now update everyday!

    Love you xxx

    ~Lyssa xxx

  4. D'awww cute bad English...that would melt my icy anger a little, too.


  5. Sara~ Grrr how annoying is it!? I'm glad I'm not the onlyone though.
    That sucks that ryohei has no hols! But I guess it's hard for you guys to do much anyway with little sakura causing all the sleepless havoc!
    Wereally wantedto come to Niigata to see you this Obon but I realised you guys are going to be hell busy and tired so we're definitely planning it for when you guys are a bit more settled (and the traffic jams aren't 60KM LONG!!! Just saw that on the news!)

    Illahee~ haha, right!? I can only imagine it's going to annoy me more and more as we get older. I'm going to try adn chill out over the things that don't affect me directly otherwise I'll go mental and stab him with a chopstick I think!

    Lyssa~ Bout time you commented here! Oooo maybe i should make my Japan experiences into a book! You can be my agent.
    See you next month!!! WoooooHoooooooooooo! x

    Laura~ The cute English is such a killer eh!

  6. Good for you even attempting bento at 6 am! I have always just packed Seiyan leftovers the night before. I am such a bad housewife. He to is worried about what everyone thinks and said he doesn't want bento in Canada because he thinks it will look strange to his coworkers. Silly men.

  7. Ugh. See I do care what other people think about some stuff but when it comes to things that someone else has gone to the trouble of doing for me, I think it is ridiculous of him to care about the bag being big. If it were me, I would have been incredibly impressed that you had thought of a way to protect my lunch for me AND provide me with cold water to drink. I guess that is the female perspective though, men can be really stupid at times! LOL!

    I used to dread long holidays when D had time off as it always ended in a fight about something or other (Usually the amount of time he wanted to spend at pachinko rather than doing stuff with Joey and I) but now I really wish I was working in Japan as I have chronic J-holiday envy as there are so many of them! LOL! That said, the fact that everyone in head office is off work means that I have a quiet couple of days of checking blogs and playing scrabble on facebook! :-)

  8. You are a saint, making a bento, I've never made one in all the years I've been with/married to the bloke.

    I care about what others think to a point, a very small pencil point, but my husband on the other hand-- he cares way more than I do, I could care less, we live for ourselves not for others, right?

  9. Lys and I are like this with Ky's clothes. She's all about the ugly clearance that doesn't match anything just because it's cheap. I don't want anything in the house that he's never going to wear, no matter how cheap it was!

    We've compromised though, I put him in all the crappy stuff all day to dribble in and get gross, but he's not allowed to leave the house unless he's completely dressed all matchy-matchy (never in sweats or pjs!) complete with shoes!