Saturday 29 August 2009

Introducing Tay-chan!

I feel bad after all the build up and slutty man whore expectations but here is my new baby, Tay-chan!

I finally convinced Ryota to sell his big, unparkable whale of a land-cruiser that chewed up ridiculous amounts of diesel, cost us about 600 bucks extra in 'big-car' tax, and added about 10 years to my life in parking stress.
Our new tiny little car is a million times easier to park and do illegal u-turns which we are both big fans of. I can't actually believe I convinced Ryo-chan to get rid of the old car, he loves big cars, but I think the thought of replacing the old tires at $400 a pop persuaded him to go for a smaller car. And we actually got a decent price for the old whale.

So yeh, Tay-chan isn't all that exciting! Sorry!


R.I.P. Whaley-chan.

Despite the work-a-thon that Ryota is on right now, we're going to dinner tonight with one of his friends from America, I've never met her and she used to have a crush on Ryota so we'll see how that turns out... You kind of take an instant disliking to someone who wanted to shag your husband...
Yogurt is still being consumed daily but I had Maccas last night and am going to Outback tonight so the diet starts tomorrow. Ha! Think I'll go for a run now so I don't feel quite so guilty when I'm eating a deep-fried onion tonight..


  1. Wow, congrats to your for convincing Ryota to sell his beloved car. My hub has an obsession with cars and buys a new one every 6 months it seems. He counted the other day and has owned over 40 cars in his lifetime!!! Too crazy!
    Tay-chan is sooo cute and looks really practical, and easy to handle! Not to mention the bonus of lower car-related bills! Well done!!!

    Wow, I would feel really weird going out with a female friend of my hubs who I knew had the hots for him... Hats off to you girl! I dont think I could do that!

    As for the diet, good luck! I wish I had your will-power and let me know how the yoghurt goes. Right now we are trying プーアル茶(普洱茶、Pu'ercha) at home after meals. It is said to break down fats and lower cholesterol, and support weight loss. You can buy it at the supermarket like mugi-cha. Worth a try I reckon!!!

  2. Tay-chan was a car!


    We don`t have a car and Shun has never owned one so I was shocked to read Nooh`s husband has owned over 40. WOW! Good work on convincing Ryota on the need for a smaller car. When we do purchase one (or buy grandma`s since we use that when we need a car at the moment anyway) it will be small because I can not reverse park very well and a big car does not lend itself well to this in Japan.

    ps: I think Shun does pretty well as an ex bf of mine is in the group of friends I knew from uni here in Japan. We don`t see him very often but when we do Shun is really nice to him and they actually get on well. Good luck tonight with the girl that used to have the hots for your husband. And hey if she makes any funny moves just karate chop her over the head I say.

  3. Bloody skanky hoe. She must be. I'd want to smack her but I hope you managed to be more civil!! :)

    Nothing else to be said.

  4. Cute car!

    Hope dinner goes well. At least you know you have similar taste in men :)

  5. oh noooo you got rid of the whale!!!
    i have some nice memories of that car lolol!!

    but tay-chan is cute and looks very efficient too and with the savings you can afford to do something nice as welll!!!

    ryota's quite charming so i can see why hed have admirers but id def. be jealous if someone who used to have a crush on ryohei was going out to dinner with him. thankfully hes a big dork with no game so that will never be an issue ;)

  6. Awww Tay chan is cute!! Much more practical and easier to park than a bull :)

  7. Wagon-R's rock,especially the white ones.So now you know what I drive eh;)

  8. yay, cars rock..tay-chan is very cute..also thinking of getting a K-car but I don`t know that I could live without my turbo (I drive a Forester)..
    driving where I am is more like driving in Oz, takes a while to get anywhere so need some grunt..

  9. ps..ex-girlfriend? agree with GW..
    Hope she`s not the rabbit boiler type ;P

  10. I understand your hubs obsession with cars, but I've only had 5 in 9 years so that is not too bad I guess, I try to hold onto mine at least two years and then trade it in.

    The car looks fab and looks easy to park.

  11. nice cute car!!!