Friday, 28 August 2009

Thank god it's Fri... Oh wait, just a normal day.

Because Ryota has to work Saturday AND Sunday this week in this fucked up workaholic country. Not going to get started on this issue because I get off easy in that he has no drinking parties or salary man type obligations but still pisses me off all the same. He had Tuesday off instead but we were busy making Tay-chan preparations so it so doesn't count.

Magic yogurt is going well but giving me tummy cramps and then shitting through the eye of a needle bouts, but I guess that's the whole point of cleaning out your system, no? I hope I'm not going to give myself a bacteria overload or anything!

I'm going to keep you hanging on revealing Tay-chan today, puppy, turtle and kitten were all good guesses...but wrong ones. I was so busy playing with her, grooming her and riding her last night I forgot to take photos, hence no revealing today. Maybe tomorrow...

Here are this weeks photos, hope everyone who gets a weekend enjoys it!

Beautiful fieldy picture

"Muuuummm, I wanted to play in the washing and now this is stuck on my head!"

He managed to break his play mat.

Awesome weather this day, I think the one and only perfect, clear day Japan will have this year.

Ash and I passed out together, I love we both have slightly pissed off looks on our faces.


  1. ok, tay-chan is starting to freak me out. don't tell me it's a RODY....

    anyway, love the last photo, sleeping mommy and baby always good!

  2. I was thinking about what animals you can ride... You bought a horse?!?!

  3. I was just going to say horse..or pony?

  4. Not horse... or pony. I never actually said Tay-chan was an animal... ;)

  5. oh please tell me its a Ken doll for Ash-that would be hilarious! (or even a barbie for that matter :)

  6. oops just realised you said `her` maybe it is barbie..or a goldfish..

  7. Is it a bike, car or scooter?

  8. Some sort of exercise equipment?!?

  9. A bull? Perhaps you got tired of Rodeo Boy and decided to trade it in for the real thing. Though if it is a girl, that is one confused bull!

  10. Oh my god, its a man slut. You're going to groom and ride him! Fantastic. Let me know how hub reacts and I'll see if its worth investing in one for down here too.

    And Tay must be for taaaaaaaaaaaaayke your time there buddy. Not so fast aye.

  11. I think it is a bike also- a pushbike (mamachari!)

    Although it would be funnier if Gaijin wife was right...

    Loved the photos- saw them on FB too. The one of you and Ash sleeping is hilarious!

  12. HAHAHAHA!!!! Damn it my man slut secret is out! But she's a she... My lesbian whore???

    I love how predictable I am in the exercise equipment guesses, now I wish I'd bought a treadmill and called it slutty Tay-chan...

    Getting warmer people! OK I promise to reveal her tomorrow and the 10,000 yen prize money will be still up for grabs if anyone guesses why Tay-chan.

    P.S. Beamies, I am sick of the rodeo boy! It's now a mini table for all of Ash's shite.

  13. Cute pictures! I love fat babies... they're the best kind.

    The yogurt diet sounds like a pretty good cleanse. I keep meaning to try some kind of cleanse, but I'm a little afraid of what will come out. I've heard that it's pretty horrifying.

  14. Grooming and riding a man slut! Hahah! Wish I was so badass with my comments. I would probably say something timid and dainty like "is it a bicycle?". Ah, said it. Oh well.