Friday 7 August 2009

Six Summery Saturday snaps AKA I forgot foto Friday...

I can't believe I forgot good ol' foto Friday!

Not much been going on this week, still getting through the flu epidemic that is sweeping our little neighbourhood. Obaachan is on the mend, well she must be because she was out sorting through the rubbish like a homeless trooper this morning. MIL and SIL are also better but we're being safe and keeping well away for a while. It's actually been good to do things totally on my own this week, nice to know I don't actually need them to look after Ash. One gold mother star for me.

SIL must be feeling much better because she went to fireworks last night with her 'friend' who I strongly suspect is her lesbian lover. Was a little pissed I didn't get an invite but then again she probably wanted some alone date time without her gaijin nechan in the way.

OK, on to the snaps, we've been to two festivals this week, one was a very local, little school event, the other was a biggen at the army base next to our house. Cos where better to celebrate summer than among the guns, tanks and soldiers all ready to fight North Korea at the next missile...

Have I mentioned we live next to the army base before I can't remember?? It has perks, I have a thing for muscly men in uniform, train drivers, don't get me started. Although the 6am wake up calls of adrenalin pumped soldiers running around the base with guns, screaming "WE ARE STRONG!!! YES WE ARE!!!" (and that's literally what they do) is not so nice. I also feel the need to salute the man at the gate when I run past him everyday but Ryota said I might be shot on the spot so I've restrained myself so far....

May all your summer festivals be beer and goldfish filled!

A lantern with the moon in the background

Ashton was suitably unimpressed by the events

But I was definitely impressed with the beer! And pissed after two because the freakin line for yakisoba was so long we said "fuck it we'll eat when we get home." Biiiiiggggggg mistake, mummy was swaying all over the place!

Self-shots are so much harder when the camera weighs a bloody ton.

Boogie on Obachans! Does anyone else think the music at Japanese festivals sounds like the music in Indian restaurants???

My recent summer snacks. Water. And watermelon. Hmmmm watery...


  1. Water and watermelon? Going overboard there...

  2. The lines are crazy!! I went to our city matsuri on the weekend and it was an hour wait for everything. Wish I had had beer :)