Friday 30 September 2011


If I'm going to be in pain, and in my pajamas for a week, and surrounded by old ladies with saggy tits...

At least I can look slightly hot! Broke out the make-up much to everyone's shock. "but you're sick!!!!" Who says that being sick means you have to look like you're already dead!? Ok I've definitely been watching too much sex and the city, next I'll be strutting up the halls in 6 inch heels!

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  1. Sweet!
    No muff scrub stories....sorry to hear :( (or not hear) unless your keeping it on the down low cuz now you and muff scrubber are gonna hookup after your released.

    Shhhh!! Mum's the word ;)

  2. No muff scrubbing. :( unless there's a hot lesbian nurse willing to go for it, I'm totally out of luck!

  3. yeah, or setting up a swing set above your hospital bed.

  4. You certainly look good for someone who is sick and in hospital. You should take to roaming the halls at night, scaring the staff to make life more interesting.

  5. Your face is your face, you deal with it.

    But you (white) lot, well - you don't age well.

    You look 37.