Thursday 29 September 2011

Poor old earwig

Earwig has officially been released from our room and promptly replaced by two young, fragile little things resembling underfed deer. I don't know how old these girls are but way too old to be hiding behind their mummy's skirts (almost literally!). But still, I probably only say that because my mum isn't here for me to hide behind!

Earwig continued to listen to every word that was uttered from behind her curtain but the thing that became more and more interesting was how much the hospital staff, both nurses and doctors alike, hated her! I find that the usual way in Japan to show contempt is to slap on a fake smile, utter the right phrase depending on the situation, then bitch about the situation later. Nope, not with earwig, it was so very obvious that she was a huge pain in the arse for all she came in contact with. And I can kind of understand, she was a big fan of the nurse bell, I swear she rang it every time she farted! I on the other hand am the opposite. I hate ringing the bell, even when I'm in a lot of pain, I am getting better at it though.

So earwig was supposed to be released this morning, but pleaded with the doctors and nurses to let her be released after lunch. At first they all just told her it was impossible, and that she had to have her arse out by morning, but she wasn't having it, and kept going on and on until finally a nurse cracked and called admin to see if it could be done. The nurse was still on the phone when she asked earwig why it was absolutely necessary to be released after lunch and she replied: " I have no family to pick me up so it's easier to get home at lunch time..." I don't know how true this is, it wasn't like she was going to be leaving at 6am or anything, but I felt sorry for her then, and I had noticed that nobody had come to see the poor dear, unlike me...

Since I've been here I've had mil, dog-fucker, Ryota, Ashton, fil, aunty and uncle in-law (who came with a little money envelope, score!) here to see me at various times. The nurses were surprised that I had so many visitors even though my family were obviously in Australia. I felt lucky, for a few seconds. And then I remembered have to go back to living with the bastards next week...
Still, I'd be so bored and lonely if no bastard came to see me.

Earwig finally got the go ahead to go home after lunch but the nurses just kept talking to her like she just wanted to score an extra meal, I don't know, maybe she did? But she kept asking them for pain medicine every single hour and they just kept telling her "no fucking suck it up, you had a tooth removed!" I think earwig got drug jealousy when they came to my bed offering to shove painkillers up my arse. Dear god I've never been so willing to have my anal cavity invaded, I had my pants down and bare bum out and ready before she'd even got the lovely little bullet out of it's wrapping!

Earwig also gave me a bizarre goodbye in the hallway and said "say goodbye to ash-kun for me!" one this normally wouldn't be so weird, but shed had her curtain closed the whole time ash was here, they were never introduced, she must have been peeking through the curtain and then memorized his name, which is not easy for Japanese people being a foreign name and all. Still, I felt really sorry for her, seeing ash has been the highlight of my days here. Shame she didn't have anyone to come see her.

Ok, I'm about to get another iv of god knows what, I'm hoping pain killers so I best be a good patient and stop blogging while they do it. Will blog the actual operation ordeal when I'm drugged up!

Check out my blood filled iv, gross!

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  1. Ugh...when I had to stay in the hospital...I had a hard time getting out of I'm surprised about Earwig...she must have been a real pain.

    Also, glad your getting enough pain meds!

  2. Poor Earwig.

    The one time I was in hospital, I had a room mate who snuck out at 2 am every night when her cab driving bf knocked off so they could have sex. At least she didn't bring him back to the room but not sure where or how they did it considering she was on a drip.

  3. bum bullets - the best really although I've only administered them to children Actually no, I take that back, I had one after one of my births. Glad Ash is allowed in to see you. It must only be the children's wards that other siblings aren't allowed in to. Glad you've got some good drugs. Enjoy them while you can, swindle any that you can...

    Hoping I don't find the extra couple of kilos you'll no doubt have lost by the time you get out.

  4. Ouch! That's some badass picture i am so scared of needles. As always I am lost on what hapenned but I am glad that you seem fine now! Get well (after surgery you will totally be able to play the survivor whinning princess card oh yeah!)

  5. Ah poor old woman is probably just very lonely. Enjoy the legal drugs!

  6. Biggie has been absent for a while, what's this all about? Err, well, them drugs better be good? I was a bit scared of the sniffing dogs at Narita, but hey, Amsterdam and all.