Saturday 4 June 2011


So, one of the best Japan bloggers invites me to his slammin' party, all his fantabulous readers click on over... Expecting 'crocodile sushi' content and are met with... A whinging excuse for a post including suicide and me moaning about... a bicycle! (see below, actually don't, it's really depressing...)

So to get that tom-fuckery off the top of my blog thought I'd write this. If you haven't been over to Loco's blog, and I can't see how you wouldn't have already, get there, right now! Not only is this guy funny/smart/deep/sexy/groovy/interesting, he's also an amazing writer with some amazing stuff about his experiences in Japan and all sorts of other topics, he really is one of the Kings of J-blogs and I'm honored he asked me to join the party. Thanks Loco!

We had dog-fucker's birthday party last night so when I get a chance I'll post that story plus by popular demand, some pictures of the star herself, in all her cuntish glory!

I'll leave you with a photo of me that shows me when I'm happiest: On a Sunday, drinking beer in the afternoon!


  1. Sorry i made you post prematurely LOL and get the Tom-fuckery off your top page...hadn't even thought of that when I pressed My bad. I'll keep that in mind next time! And you're mad welcome. My pleasure having you and reading you!

  2. that birdie, she's so fiiiine

  3. I came here through Loco's blog....I am also a foreign lady in Hyogo. I'm a JHS/ES ALT (a busy one - who knew that was possible?!) and I've been thinking about what I'm going to do long term. It's really inspiring to see that you've started your own school and it's doing well :) I'll be reading!

    And afternoon alcohol is always awesome.

  4. LOL! i just read the loco post and... the sex show story is so WTF!!! shame we couldn't have met up while you were still single, haha...

    although i wanted to say... you said on my blog you were kinda jealous of me, well i'm kinda jealous of you! sometimes i feel like all i want is a man and a baby! and then sometimes i'm like naaaaaaaah ^_- but you know ;p

  5. I didn't think it was whining and I think your beautiful \(^_^)/
    What did crocodile sushi taste like???
    In the NT crocodiles eat human sushi, but without the rice... just seaweed (^_^)```

  6. Random comment is random, but I just found your blog I must say I am loving it! Your insights and writing style are great and I can relate to some of it so well it's crazy.

    (also you are super pretty, not gonna lie!!)

    Cheers, and I look forward to reading more of your posts!