Saturday 11 July 2009

Blame it on Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch China

Ryota and I often have heated debates and occasionally all-out brawls when it comes to racial issues, particularly when it comes to China and Korea, man I should be given honourary citizenship for the way I defend them! Our most recent tiff stemmed from the washing... How the hell does that happen?

Let me explain...

In Australia, the air is clean, as in puffy white clouds, blue skies, no acid-rain clean. If your washing gets wet, no biggie, just wait till the sun comes out again and it will be as good as new. Of course this is a big no-no in Japan, I guess especially in the city. I didn't believe it until I left my beautiful red dress out too long one day and I brought it in pink streaked, the shite in the air really is bad for clothes! But whatever, I'm not going to kill myself getting the washing in, it's just not in my nature.

So yesterday I cleaned a bastard big rug we used to have in the living room, now it's summer I don't want it there and actually have no space/idea where to put it now. So I left it on the verandah. It started raining and I remembered bastard rug too late but thought, 'Meh, it's just a rug and a dull coloured one at that.' Ryota went mental and asked me why Australians feel the need to leave washing on the line all the time which led to me screeching at him "HOWTHEFUCKWOULDYOUKNOWWHATIDOWITHMYWASHINGYOUNEVERWASH!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps a slight over reaction on my part but it's true, it was pure chance that he saw the damn rug, usually the washing area is my domain.

So he sat me down and explained to me that leaving washing out was bad for the washing like I was 5 years old (which I hate!).

He said he knows that Australian air is very clean and beautiful but we aren't so lucky in Japan, all because of China.

Ummmm, back up there cowboy. Huh!?

I gave him one of my 'you better have good evidence for this or I'm going to tear strips off you' looks and he quickly jumped in to a China yellow sand rant. I know about yellow sand, but it's a natural phenomenon, I really don't think China can be totally blamed for it. Ryota then said that it was because of all the pollution in China and directed me to Wikipedia. Dude of course there's pollution, there's what, like 258 gazilllion people living there!?

I know he just does it to get a reaction from me, and I never disappoint in that department!

But to be fair to him, he does have some general sweeping generalisation for EVERY country, here's the world according to Ryota...

Americans- Get a pretty good review except that they need personal space in a weird way... I have no idea what that means either.

Australians- Have no fashion sense but on the upside are always on time. Yessssssssss!

Canadians- Also have no fashion sense as they are always wearing bright coloured jumpers. Ummm I think I'd be living in a fleece if I was in -2 million degree cold too...

Any other Asian- Can just forget it. China-Rude. Korea-Pushy and smells like Kimchi. Thai- Dirty but friendly.

Brits- Are sneaky. That's all I could get out of him on that... Scots are excluded from the snaeaky category and apparently are quiet, kind and tend to mumble however this is purely based on our one scottish friend who is quiet, kind and does indeed tend to mumble....

French women- Have STDs...

African Americans- Are dangerous and don't wash their hair enough.

Any country in Africa- Has no water and/or clothes.

Russians- Will kill you, and the women are all snobby bitches.

And finally... Japanese- Women are like "stupid little attention starved dogs" (Again, quoting here!) and have no idea how the rest of the world works. haha, well I guess he's living up to his own stereotype!!!

Ryota isn't racist in a bad way and honestly I know he is just winding me up most of the time but he honestly didn't know that Japan was a part of Asia until JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL! He thought Asia was all the other scummy countries and Japan was the almighty reigning country!


  1. I wonder what generalizations I can get out of the Mr. which makes me think what type of generalizations do I hold as well... this is great food-for-thought Corrine.

    But the washing... I'm glad you "lashed out" lol I often find myself saying "WTF is that supposed to mean"?

  2. I've found Ryohei is a bit racist about other Asian countries as well... esp. China. Very strange... Didn't know that Ryota had a view on EVERY country tho lol... amused at his thoughts on Japanese women. Guess he has to save some face for being a "blood traitor" :P

    On one hand - pretty much ALL of the Aussies I have met HAVE showed up early or on time. Americans... ehh... not so much (this includes me although I usually have a good excuse as to why ;_;)

  3. Then I have stds and don't wash my hair enough lol

    I would not call it racism we all have a preconcieved image of things we do not really know ^^

    I am surprised about americans though there is so much to say *runaway*

  4. I have often got the acid rain speech here too. Seiyan is obsessed with the laundry!! I will have to look at my sweater (jumper) collection now to see if I fit the stereotype. Most likely as in highschool that was the uniform jeans and sweater, which you are right is because it can get darn cold!

  5. Girl Japan~ I too, am guilty of generalisatons, just not quite as blatant as these! hehe yup the washing is MY thing, he needs to keep his nose out of it as far as I'm concerned! :)

    Sara~ I know, the China dislike is very common I've found! I'm an on-time freak so I think that's where he got that one!

    Megan~ Oh No! I'm sorry for offending you through Ryota's stupidity! But it's true, we're all ignorant in some ways. :)
    hehe I have more to say on America than Ryota actually, I think that's why he leaves America alone, he sticking up for the underdog!

    Beamies~ I think the acid rain speech is instilled in all Japanese people, i used to hear it when I was teaching too! I'm all for sweaters don't worry!

  6. sorry, i had a bit of a giggle on your husband's views. at least he has opinions!!

    the rain and sand from china frighten me as well, though. there really is a kernel of truth in there, though i wouldn't go so far as to blame the chinese people so much as the (very scary to me!) government which doesn't care about who or what it poisons!!

  7. this made me LOL a few times! Thanks for the laughs!