Sunday 5 July 2009

Snazzy restaurant night

Last night we had our anniversary dinner at a very nice restaurant in Kobe, it's the kind of restaurant where I get nervous I'm going to wipe my hands on an edible towel or get cutlery confused like Julia Roberts in pretty woman. Of course Ryota was even more clueless than me and had no idea what the little bowl of olive oil was...

Ryota: Errr what's this? (Pointing to the bowl)

Waiter: It's olive oil sir.

Ryota: Oh right yup, of course, silly me.

(To me) What the fuck do we need olive oil for??

After the 7 courses (they were really small, I wanted Maccas n the way home!) and 4(!) glasses of white wine for me we made our way home very relaxed and refreshed. of course I couldn't resist calling just once during the night to check on fatso and make sure he wasn't screaming the place down needing a booby or anything. He was fine though, chowed down on vegies and rice apparently.

Our actual anniversary isn't until Tuesday so I'll post a little picture history then, but even though I do say so myself, for a grubby construction worker and his dowdy housewife, we didn't scrub up too bad!


  1. Hey, you guys scrub up well! You look fabulous! I love your hair shorter like that! Glad you got to have a great night and celebrate in style, with wine!!!

  2. You both look hot!!!!

    And so does Ashton! He doesnt look too thrilled to be having his photo taken but still such a cute family photo!!!

    Arn`t you so glad that we are female and can wear strappy dresses in the hot summer while men still have to wear collared shirts. Haha, suckers!

    Shun sounds the same as Ryota!!! Couple of weeks ago we had a fancy dinner (that yes, I was still hungry after too) in Odaiba and Shun was freaking out there wasn`t enough cutlery for all the courses!!! He knew he had to go from outside in but had counted up and was like " Lu, we are missing a fork...what should I do? Try and hide this one?" haha, it was so funny! They brought him a different fork for one of his courses!

  3. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy anniversary!! It sounds like you were able to have a great night out. Agreeing with everyone else, you guys look fabulous!! A very nice family shot :)

    By the way that is the dress you bought for the picnic in Osaka, isn't it? I admired it then thinking you looked stunning in it! It is definitely the time of year to be wearing strappy dresses - I really need to get a few more :)

  5. I'm loving your dress! I'm guessing you didn't buy it in Japan??? I'm not a big fan of fancy restaurants...too many courses, too much cutlery and staff who always hover so you can't relax. Give me a small hole in the wall place with a nice atmosphere and a decent wine list any day.

    Family pic is great. Ash has got some amazing thighs on him. How much is he weighing these days? KK is still only 6.5kg at 5mths. Ash would be no contest for KK in a sumo match.

  6. Great family photo! Love your dress.

    Congratulations on your anniversary!

  7. Hi! Just catching up, been in a bit of a funk too. Happy you are feeling better and Happy Anniversary. Love your Rodeo Boy III it looks like such fun! You all look amazing in your family photo.

  8. Nooh~ Thank you! Sometimes I feel like my hair is a bit mullet-like but I like it short in summer too. The wine was sooooo good but I had a bit of a headache the next day!

    Lulu~ I love the fact we can get away with cooler clothes, but so we should women don't get a break with much else. Helllooo, peeing anwhere you want!? hehe gross
    Awww That's a cute cutlery story!
    haha I think Ash is soooo sick of having his photo taken lately, I've been going crazy!!!

    Girl Japan~ Thank you! :)

    Nay~ Thank you! Yup that is the picnic dress, I was a bit sad I had to wear a dress I'd worn before but I really do love that dress! It was soooo nice to feel so cool and summery!

    ChomChom~ Thank you! I actually did buy it in Japan, from the gap outlet store, so the price was pretty good too! I rarely find things i like/can wear in Japan but I lucked out with that one.
    I'm not that big of a fan of fancy restaurants either but once in a while it's good to feel pretty, I find myself never dressing up and always covered in baby spit these days!
    hehe Yup KK would definitely be squashed by Ash! He is 5 months and weighs 10.3kgs at last weigh in, we're also using training pants meant for standing kids!!! I have to cut them off him! :/

    Deenster~ Thank you! :)

    Beamies~ Awww it must be a 'funk' time of year! Thank you, the Rodeo boy is quite fun, I should be on it now!

  9. Yay picnic dress! And you look really great I might add!!! Have you lost weight?? I guess training for the marathon has been a really good source of exercize?? How are you managing in the heat lately?

    Nice to hear your dinner went pretty well and that MIL was able to watch Ash :D

  10. Sara~ I did lose weight but it was more from having stre throat I think!!! haha I like running in the heat, the sweat makes me feel ike I'm doing more than I actually am!

  11. Happy Anniversary. You and hub scrub up fabulously! Gotta love nice dinners out, even if you had to have maccas on the way home!! LOL - and love the pics of you two from date 1 - hangover ramn has to be the best food of all time, until about an hour after you've eaten it!!

    Ditto on the running in the heat. Must say breastfeeding in this hit leaves me sweating and I never feel particularly skinny after a round of that :)