Monday 27 July 2009

Sunday catch up lunch

I feel bad with Ryota only having Sunday off work, I always seem to drag him to some event I have or some crazy shopping expedition.

Yesterday was a lunch for some of my old students and friends, two of them are getting married so it was a 'well done, congrats, here's my 2000 yen to chuck in for the prezzie' kind of thing. The last time I saw them I just had a belly, so they were all chuffed to meet little Ash and one of the girls had a baby a month before me so I wanted to see who was cuter (Ash won by a mile hehe) just kidding. But not really... You be the judge, I'll put photos.

He did win in the growing stakes though, he is about 4 kilos heavier and much bigger than little Kouta kun and would definitely win in a fight, he proved that when he almost yanked the kid's ears off when he could get close enough. I had my first real motherly pride yesterday though, Kouta was screaming and carrying on (like Ash usually does) while Ash looked on in bemused wonder and smiled at everyone with his goofy, gummy grin. He didn't cry once and had no trouble being held by everyone. *sniff* Love it when my baby isn't being the little shit, it almost makes me slip back into my high and mighty role of muttering annoyed customer mumbling 'Can't she shut that kid up?'

I've always wanted my kids to be able to be passed around and not just want their mummy and daddy and I'm glad Ryota is on the same page, yesterday we sat in a Japanese style private room so stroller couldn't get it, Ryota was like "Soo.... who wants to hold the cute jumbo gaijin baby?!" translation- Don't just say he's cute, put that theory into action people, let's pass the little bastard around the table so we have time to eat! Ash was passed around the whole table and loved it, definitely going to dump him with anyone who is willing from now on.

It was good fun, my witty Japanese conversation skills flourished and it became apparent how much my ex-students have forgotten any of the English I had taught them. Ryota had basically never met anyone there so he was also impressed with my usually shy personality morphing into an entertainer that could have been straight out of a Gion tea house. I think I'm so sick of talking to the vacuum cleaner and washing machine that real people was a big treat.

Enough rabbiting, here are some photos from the day...

First meeting, just before the ear pulling began...


Pass the baby! (If you unwrap him you get a stinky surprise!)

One of Kouta-kun's many awesomely not-my-baby, loud hissy fits.

Now this is just fucking freaky....

P.S. I'm so fucked off with all this rain, what is a housewife with husband's work clothes to do!?


  1. that is a freaky photo!!

    can i add your blog to my blogroll?

  2. Hey girl! Ash sounds like he had a great time too and sounds/looks so well-behaved and a happy little soul.
    That is a cack that last photo! Had me in stitches! I hear you about the rain. My spare room looks like a dry cleaners or something! I am so greatful for the dryer these days! Afraid of the electircity bill though, with our three a/c and the dryer!! Yikes!

  3. Illahee~ Right!? Love freaky photos :)
    Of course, please do!

    Nooh~ Glad the pici gave you a giggle! I know, isn't the rain awful, I'm too scared to have a dryer, I'd use it way too much, what are we supposed to do in this heat and dampness though! Good luck with the bill!

  4. Love the photo!! LOL!!

    Ash definitely takes the cake for cutest baby :P

    Glad you had a great time with your old students! I too want any future babies of mine to be able to be held by anyone... but I just worried because we really don't see anybody much :(

    I thought the rain season has finished and then it started raining everyday ALL day!! I am too soo over this weather :(

  5. you sure there weren't drugs involved in that last pic? Marina has exact type photo from after she was anaesthetised!! Freaky. Your babies only a month apart?? Jumbo Ash. Loves his booby then. Good boy.

    Wait till Ash is about three and I bet you will actually retreat with a glass of wine to sit infront of the washing machine and have quite a very decent conversation.

  6. Sounded fun! I can totally understand the vaccum cleaner part ! Adults are such a blessing when you take care of kids haha!

    Let's photoshop the last picture of Ash with the freaky temple (@.@) He is such a cutie ^^

  7. The rain is getting on my fucking nerves already! I hate using my dryer (which broke last month, so luckily the gadget arrived just in time for the over extended rainy season).

    We've had rain warnings, followed by an earthquake.. and another TWISTER.. what the hell?

    SO glad your threesome had a blast out, the last photo... OHmyG!

  8. Nay~ Thank you!
    Yup I'm all for baby getting used to lots of different people, but we don't see that many people either!
    Ugh isn't the weather horrible! I thought it was over too, hopefully soon! :(

    Gaijin wife~ haha no drugs, unless Ryota slipped something into his apple juice! He vey much does love his booby. haha i think you're right, once the toddler talk starts I'll officially be crazy!

    Megan~ Yup adult talk is definitely what I need right now!
    Oooo freaky picture at the freaky temple... scary!

    Girl Japan~ Grrr isn't the weather a bitch! And that tornado was crazy, I couldn't believe it was Japan!

  9. I used to put all the clothes in one of the rooms, shut the door switch on the anti-humidifier setting on the A/C and just leave it to do its good work for most of the day. Expensive but better than smelly moudly clothes and you can get more dried than in the dryer. Don't envy you guys this years raining season though, it sounds horrendous!