Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Happy anniversary to us!

Today is our 1 year anniversary! Sweet, made it to the one year mark, phew! Here's a history of our brief history in pictures...

Our very first alcohol fuelled crazy date. This was at about 10am the next morning after hangover ramen.





This is the day I found out I was preggers...



  1. Happy Anniversary!!! I think it is so cute that your anniversary is "tanabata"- star crossed lovers and all!

    Loved the photo diary! Your hubs is a hottie!

  2. Happy Anniversaryyyy!!!!
    Amazing how quick a year goes by - bet a year and a half ago you never imagined things would turn out this way :D

  3. GEG~ Thanks! I'm dragging it out for as long as I can!

    Lulu~ Thank you! Tanabata was actually Ryota's romantic little idea, we thought tanabata and lucky 7's were a good way to go.
    hehe I'm so not telling him the hottie comment, he'll get a big head!! I think Shun looks like Kimutaku, 110% of Japanese women can't be wrong!

  4. Sara~ Thank you! Nope, not at all, but all good surprises! It's scary how quickly time goes, before too long our kids will be all grown up!

  5. Happy Anniversary!! I too love that fact you guys were married on Tanabata!! I can't believe your hub came up with it. He is so romantic!! I couldn't imagine Naoki thinking of anything like that, lol!

  6. Happy Anniverary! You make such a cute couple.