Friday 24 July 2009

Five Foto Friday!

Man is it Friday?? This week went fast, probably becasue of the holiday on Monday. I had all the housework done and had been for a run by 11am this morning, quite impressive I feel, although I'm a bit tired now might have to have a power nap.
On to this week's photos! I couldn't snap the monkeys becasue I had my boobs out when we saw them (we were driving) and SIL panicked and couldn't get a good shot. :(
Our local little temple lookin all ghosty.
Spider web.
I was really far away but I just know Ryota was saying something stupid and SIL is telling him to bugger off.
Mino falls in the background.
I have a freaky long tongue while Ryota has a freaky short one, at least my DNA is coming out in him somewhere!
Have a great weekend!


  1. oh wow, the picture of the spider web is really really cool!! I am very impressed with your photography. Loving the Five foto Fridays!! Keep them up :)

    I love the pic of Ash!! He is GORGEOUS!! He looks so cheeky!!

  2. Haha Ash is cute ! What a rebel!

    The temple freaks me out (T.T)

    Nice pics! 

  3. OMG, that's adorable! i also have a long tongue, and my kids seem to have got them. too funny!

  4. The Tongue-in-cheek-wink foto could be up for a Mastercard CM!

  5. hahahaha you can call him snake boy!!!!

    i like the falls pick!!! i always wanted to visit but never got a chance. looks like fun :)

  6. Ha ha what a great tongue. Such a cutie! The temple does look ghostly and scary, wouldn't want to go there at night. Ooooooo

  7. Loving that last pic, he looks like a hardcore mini-rocker!

  8. Ditto on the hardcore mini-rocker comment. Definately a pic to come out in years to come.

  9. I love fridays now, that spiderweb looks so spooky I love it!

  10. Nay~ Thank you, he is cheekier in real life!

    Megan~ I know, the temple is pretty freaky!!!

    Illahee~ Hmmm maybe long tongues are a mummy gene...?

    Girl Japan~ I was thinking of sending that photo to a magazine actually!

    Sara~ The falls were beautiful, you should come to kansai soon and we'll go!

    Beamies~ Yup, not planning on going back to the scary temple at night anymore!

    GEG~ Gene Simmons jnr!

    Gaijin wife~ I have so many embarrassing pics, all good for his 18th birthday!
    Heather~ The spiderweb actually looks spookier than it was in real life, nice spooky theme this week!