Wednesday 8 July 2009

New camera shenannigans!

And with the anniversary, comes the prezzies! WooHoo!

I loooovvvvveeee giving prezzies, like more than I like getting them, although I like that too! I got Ryota a new watch as his old one was all mangy and broken and he got me a beautiful new make-up case which I totally needed, my make-up was all over and I could never find anything. But the best present was the one we got together, our new camera. I love taking photos so it's a little unfair to Ryo-chan that our joint prezzie to each other be mainly for me... meh thems the breaks! I'll have to make sure next year it's a boring gadget for his car or something.

Our anniversary turned out to be a very long drawn-out affair with our special dinner on Saturday, camera buying on Sunday which involved about 4 hours stalking electronics shops and about 2 hours of me practicing baragining in Japanese (I even resorted to holding Ashton up in the guy's face and telling him we didn't have enough money for his next meal! hehe). It was very tiring but we walked out of Midori denka when it was closed with our new camera, long view lens and printer and I damn well got that 20,000 yen discount! Gaijin power strikes again.

Monday was off to take picies then Tuesday (our actual anniversary) the in-laws put on a sushi extravaganza complete with cake, and we exchanged gifts. I cried when I read Ryota's letter, it was very sweet and heartfelt. My crying made MIL cry... and then it was just a big tear fest. I ganbatta-ed my card all in Japanese complete with every kanji painstakingly checked and in correct stroke order too!

And now for some new camera pics!!!

Daddy and Ash at the skypark

Puurrty flowers

Close-up Ash!

Flying Ash...

Love this one.

Ryota's new watch, of course I know I paid 10 yen for the actual watch that was made by a 10 year old in China and 29,990 yen for the diesel box....

Obaachan's feet! That's 82 years of walkin...

B-Boy Ash...


My new case and letter.

Arty sushi...

I hate ikura, I just ordered it for the camera shot...

Anniversary cake.

Sushi party!

The macro shots are great on the new camera!

I love photography, I totally recommend it as a hobby, it forces you to look for the beauty in everything you see.

P.S. My friend Sara who is posting here from hospital is having a rough time of it, I'm thinknig of you Sara and hope you're better soon!!!


  1. Oh some great photos already - the one of Ashton flying is my favourite I think! So cute! I need to get my camera out more and take snaps (I have a DSLR Olympus E520) and will hopefully get a chance this weekend if the weather is nice!

    The one of ba-chan`s feet is gross yet hard to look away from.

    Glad you are enjoying the new camera- I love photography as a hobby even though I am quite poor at it!

  2. Lulu~ I love the ash fying picture too! Oooo you're going to go camera crazy when Goma-chan gets here!
    I know, the feet pic is like a train wreck!

    I'm not so good at photography either, but it's fun to play around with!

  3. Loving in the new cam snaps luv! I'm always game for a sushi party... and hell, I MILKED my birthday for over two months...