Friday 3 July 2009

Doom and gloom

I'm feeling gloomy today, must be all this shite weather.

Bad weather has meaning for our household. Not only can I never get my damn towels dry, but rain means Ryota doesn't work which means he also doesn't get paid for that day. So rainy season blows for more than one reason for us. Although a few days off is so good for him, he's not as exhausted as when he's working such long hours.

The SIL fight was a bit of a misunderstanding which ended up with me just being all Japanese about it and apologising for not really doing anything. Ryota was very shocked at my grown-upness but I explained to him SIL is always very nice to me and it really wasn't worth fighting about.

It's our anniversary next week and we were going to go to the restaurant in Kobe where we went the night before we 'got married' but MIL is working so looks like we'll be skipping the dinner. *sigh* Sometimes I really do miss my old life. Of course I love Ashton to bits but this life isn't really what I wanted now, I wanted to do all this when I was about 30, no point in regrets though, just got to do the best with what we have eh.
I must sound really selfish for saying that but I am selfish, I admit it.

5 things i miss about being single:
1) Going where I want when I want.
2) Working.
3) Sleep.
4) Drinking.
5) Friends.

Whoa, very depressing! Shall we all go on a group suicide mission? Haha, just kidding, sorry for the mopeiness, I'll get over it!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


  1. Corinne, hey girlie! Just wanted to say chin up girlie! I know that you were just having a mope, and that is fine, but remember the grass always looks greener from the other side. I dont miss being single at all, but by jolly what I would give for a little bub, I tell you! I know it isnt easy with a little one, but certainly the MIL could take Ash one night a month for you to kick up your heels with your girlfriends and get on the plonk every now and then, no?

  2. This post sounds like something I could have wrote :(

    I'm feeling pretty much the same as you - although not so much about being single but the whole impending being a mom. Very scary... and wish I had friends around to support me.


    Glad to hear you made up with SIL - pointless fights are no fun at all.

    I guess the nice thing is that when Ash is old enough to be doing his own thing you will still be young enough to travel together, go out for nights with the gals, and pretty much do everything you are missing now but with the knowledge you have a sweet little boy waiting for you!

    I try and tell myself that when I start thinking what ifs! I met a lady with a 13 year old son today and he was so sweet and so polite... and she could obviously leave him to go out and do stuff.. she had him when she was in her 40s so she said she was really jealous of me for starting so young! Food for thought - I guess the grass is always greener, and for gloomy days I recommend cheese and maybe wine :)

  3. As someone who has been on both sides of the fence lately, I can honestly say that being single is not as great as it seems! ;-) Not that I got to be properly single anyway though because of Joey, which is something I wouldn`t change for the world and I am sure you feel the same way about Ash. I was 27 when I had Joey, which is not *that* young but I was the first person amongst all my uni mates and that was hard for a while.
    I think being a Mum in Japan is harder than anywhere else as the society is just not geared up to be supportive of women who actually want to be something other than a mother when they have kids. Babysitting services would help ALOT with that kind of thing but sadly it is nearly impossible to get someone other than family to babysit, which is probably one of the hardest things as you never get any fun time to yourself/with your hubby.

  4. doom and gloom - hope it didn't blow up from Kyushu!! Going out with the girls is always good fun - no matter when you do it. Having started the child thing on my 30th birthday I can say that yes, my twenties were great, but my god having babies is hard enough when you're 30, maybe getting it over with younger wouldn't be such a bad thing.

    I'm sure there are two sides.

    Definately allowed a mope - says me, the queen of bitchy mopiness lately!