Saturday 21 May 2011


There is no way the previous post is getting 50 comments any time soon, but thanks to all you perverts who did comment! Just kidding, thank you for all the advice and thoughts on kids and titties, glad I'm not alone on both counts!

Here is a g-rated pic, (plus a few more randoms) showing my bra that is too big...


Instagram is cool! It's like a microwaveable art form, damn why did I spend so much money on that expensive fancy camera, could have downloaded it for free.
Apologies to Kathryn, yes, I've joined the hoards of wankers with an iPhone thinking I'm artistic. :)

Let's happy weekend!


  1. LOL.

    I don't think you have too much to worry about compared to the average Japanese girl.

  2. Not fair!!!!
    What? You gotta wait a week!

    That looks like muff in the 3rd pic!! I wanna muff dive on you!!!

  3. Kathryn- it's not fair though, I have foreign rep to keep!

    Chris- indeed, it isn't fair to end the shaming contest so soon, if I ever get 50 comments on that post I promise to post it! Hehe muff diving, haven't heard that in a while!

  4. haha, you BLONDIE! I bet those legs are awesomely long.

  5. You did all that on an I Phone. Sorry, kathryn, I might have to join the arseholes too. They're so cool.

  6. Just because of your post I dowloaded instagram for my iPad...

  7. Hi,
    I spent several days just reading your entire blog! I think you have a very adorable family and I can sympathize with a lot of your family problems. I don't live in Japan, I'm American,I am married but no kids. It's weird though how I can relate so much to some of the things you've posted about. Like Ryota not cooking and cleaning when he's not doing anything else. Makes no sense to me why I always end up doing the shopping and cooking. Men. Thanks for writing!

  8. Cup a noodles art! Don't I feel like Ansel Adams or Gordon Parks lol. Instagram handle: Locohama... follow me I'll follow you back!