Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Is this wrong of me?

Because students think it's hilarious in a 'you're-such-a-bad-wife!' kind of way...

The picture that should be on my desk at work...

The picture that is on my desk at work...


Wow, I'm so fat in that picture, I really should update it and find myself a real hottie to pose with me!


  1. Corrine: Hey hottie!!

    Chris: Um....you talking to me?

    Corrine: Yeah you lucious hunk of man meat, your not my usual cup o'tea but I'll bet you can rock me..Mr. Big talk...let's see you back up that big stud talk with some action.

    Chris: I have feelings...hopes...dreams...I wanna connect with someb...

    Corrine: Oh yeah...what fucking ever..just make me your bitch..talk to me right in my ear while taking me from behind and make it filthy

    All text after this point were deleted by Bloggers profinity/filth/adult video/ background porn music/ orgasm screaming action....filter

  2. As a wife with an appreciation of hotness, I approve this!

  3. Not wrong :)

    I've had a few ppl ask to see a photo of my son. Like I carry one around!

  4. lolololol.... lately I don't know which is funnier, your posts or Chris commenting on them.

  5. lol. well i woulda picked somebody other than Matsujun, but it's still funny.

  6. Chris: You're a nutcase! Now quit your whining and start being a good man whore! :p

    April: Right!? I knew I wasn't the only one!

    Kathrynoh: hehe But you can whip out an arashi album on cue??

    BiggerInJapan: I know, he's showing me up! :D

    kari: I actually change the picture depending on my mood, it's never hubby though! :)

  7. haha. Matsujun = yes please!