Tuesday 31 May 2011

Is this wrong of me?

Because students think it's hilarious in a 'you're-such-a-bad-wife!' kind of way...

The picture that should be on my desk at work...

The picture that is on my desk at work...


Wow, I'm so fat in that picture, I really should update it and find myself a real hottie to pose with me!


  1. As a wife with an appreciation of hotness, I approve this!

  2. Not wrong :)

    I've had a few ppl ask to see a photo of my son. Like I carry one around!

  3. lolololol.... lately I don't know which is funnier, your posts or Chris commenting on them.

  4. lol. well i woulda picked somebody other than Matsujun, but it's still funny.

  5. Chris: You're a nutcase! Now quit your whining and start being a good man whore! :p

    April: Right!? I knew I wasn't the only one!

    Kathrynoh: hehe But you can whip out an arashi album on cue??

    BiggerInJapan: I know, he's showing me up! :D

    kari: I actually change the picture depending on my mood, it's never hubby though! :)

  6. haha. Matsujun = yes please!