Wednesday 20 October 2010

"Creamed my jeans I did!"

Man I hate that saying, it just conjures up all the wrong images. What's worse and totally horrifying is the only person who actually says this, is my mum. *shudders violently*

Speaking of which, Mum and my sister left last night, it was a bit sad, and Ash tried to hop on the bus as they were leaving but seeing as though I'm planning to go home in August (and was just a pinch happy to have my house back in order) I wasn't all that sad. We escaped the trip with minimal arguments and maximum accidents so it all balanced out really.

But back to my creamed jeans! We tried to explain this to Ryota the other night, it went something like this:

Ryota- What does it mean, "Creamed my jeans??"


Sister- Errr...... Corinne, say it in Japanese!

Me- Fuck off, I don't want to explain something so horrific!! It's what you say when you see something or someone you really like... like, errr, you get.... ummmm really excited!

Ryota- Oh. Is it creamy??

I pretty much gave up the polite English explanations after that and told him it was a phrase to use that means you're so excited you come in your pants. He then flushed red and then turned to a ghostly white after realising that it had been my mum that had said it in the first place.

But anyway, the reason I'm creaming my jeans!

I wouldn't say I'm a nerd, I don't sit up till the wee hours doing cos-play, I didn't come to Japan because I like manga, I'm not a star trek/star wars/any star related shite fan, I would say my nerd factor is pretty low. However, I do love a good gadget, I'm not saying I'm lining up outside the apple store for the next 'i' addition or anything, but if it's new and shiny, I want it. This goes for most things, not only computers and phones, but appliances, stationary and other home crap. Which is why it's quite sad that I announce the fact that I am quite excited to bring you the news that....

I got a new, snazzy................................................................ oven!

Sorry, disappointment I know.

Even as I was marvelling over it's 33L capacity, smooth black shelves just gagging to be covered in lovely little balls of wet cookie dough, it's fan, waiting to be...err... forced, the steam function willing me silently to try it's healthy deep-fry function, I was almost drooling, and itching to get out to a half-decent supermarket to buy baking goods. I was literally excited, like it was a feeling in my tummy, just like you get if you were a kid chasing the whippy van, and I thought... What the fuck has my life become!? Is the most exciting thing in my life really a new oven?? Really??

No, wait, really!?

It's no longer the cool gadgets, or a big bottle of vodka, or concert tickets. It's. A. Fucking. Oven.

Have I really become a housewife excited over goods to make food? To be fair to me, I think I'm quite a good baker, much better than cooking normal food anyway. As a result I've informed my husband that normal dinners are off for a bit, it shall be cookies and cakes for dinner for at least the next month! Meh, who needs nutrition when there is butter involved anyway!


  1. I have to laugh at Ryota - "is it creamy?" haha that made me crack up!! Congrats on your new oven, does that mean we're going to see lots of baking pics on this blog from now on? :)

  2. How do you say it in Japanese?

    The place I lived in in Aus was the first place in ages that had a decent oven and it was pretty exciting. Now I'm back to being ovenless :( Are you going to make a Sunday roast?

  3. Congradulations on your new oven!
    Ryota's comment made me laugh so hard!!Hope the poor guy didn't get traumatised or anything LOL

    YLL (your loyal lurker)

  4. i totally wanted to make love to my healsio oven when we first got it. i still lurve it to pieces!!

  5. Ooo what kind of oven was it? I'm looking for a larger capacity (33L) oven as well!

  6. I had to laugh as I've been meaning to blog about my new oven and I just haven't got around to it yet! I second Illahee on loving my Healsio! Went mad the first weekend making lasagnes, yaki imo (has its own function/programme!?)and banana cakes. It does make life easier as I don't have to slave over a hot stove anymore.

  7. Nobody wants to hear about creaming jeans by their mother. It's just not right, and stuff. But hey, a new oven is definitely a decent thing to get... excited about. ;)

  8. Heh heh, I love that your Mum says that! I'd be mortified if my Mum did, though. Have fun with the oven. Fresh baked cookies, ummmmmmmmmmm

  9. I love it!!! Haha, creaming your pants b/c of a new oven, sounds like something I would do. ^^ But I can just imagine trying to explain it in a foreign language....haha so funny.! :)

  10. I'm trying to picture your husbands face while he was processing ---OVEN...well now...I am excited for you and with you. None of Masaaki's family has an over (what, Japanese ladies don't bake??) So I am excited to hear that I just may be able to purchase a gadget in Japan. I have not had an oven in YEARS....electricity too darn expensive here.