Monday 25 October 2010

Diettooooo update!

Well, I'm now on day 5 of the "Docutaa Daietto" and I have to say, it's going well! The appetite suppressant tablets actually work! I've lost 2kgs already but I'm not counting that as I always lose a few whenever I start a new diet. I've also been running 5kms every day in preparation for the 10km run I'm doing next month so that must be helping too.

I think the main difference it's making is 1) I don't snack between meals anymore. 2) My meals are definitely smaller. 3) The powder I have to drink before every meal tastes so fucking gross that I end up downing about a litre of water to wash the taste away which makes me full as well.
I got well freaked out about the Xenical after a commenter said be careful when I fart, of course then I Dr googled the shit (hehe) out of the topic too and read horror stories of people shitting their pants. It hasn't been too bad, I had oily stuff on Saturday and sorry, TMI but when I crapped I had to examine it closely to see if there was anything slightly oil looking, and sure enough, there were bits and pieces in there that were kind of whitish and milky lookin, then floating on the top were little oily droplets! Hmmm tasty! See you guys don't need a diet, just read this blog and be disgusted to the point of being turned off your food!

A real test for the appetite suppressants came yesterday when we went to my favourite Italian place for lunch. I ALWAYS eat way more than any normal person should, it's just that damn good. Anyway, we ordered our usual 2 people course and Ryota got stuck in but I just wasn't that hungry, despite it smelling/looking amazing, and also despite the fact I'd only had a banana for breakfast. I ate my garlic bread, which was pretty big and then shared about 2 small pieces of pizza with Ash, tiny bit of pasta, and I was done! I couldn't even fit in the coconut dessert in, and you know, there's always room for dessert! This is where it got interesting, because Ryota and I without fail, always want the last serving of pasta for ourselves and will politely offer it to the other while really thinking 'Fuck off, I want it!' But yesterday there was so much left over and Ryota was getting full as I picked at bits of pizza and bread. The conversation went something like this;

Ryota: (Shovelling in pasta like usual so he doesn't get scammed out of his share before I eat it!) Hey, why aren't you eating??

Me: Hmmmm I'm just not that hungry, go ahead, eat it.

Ryota: Hold the phone! (OK he didn't say that but wouldn't it be awesome if a Japanese person did say that! Must teach students that...) You're never 'not hungry' especially when we come here, what's going on?? Are you doing that diet like my mum?!

I knew he was going to find out some time but I'm sure that Grandma has tipped him off because he was waaaaaay too casual about the whole thing. He even vaguely asked about the price by saying "Is it cheap? Expensive??" To which I replied; "Errr it's not that expensive...." Now after the equally as vague answer I totally expected him to grill me on how much it really was and to produce a receipt, not that he's a tight arse or anything but still, he'd definitely be interested usually. So the fact that he left it at that makes me certain that Grandma has given him all the juicy details but told him to keep his mouth shut about her telling him or she'll hack his balls off with a chopstick. But it's actually worked out pretty well, I know that he knows and we have a mutual 'keep our mouths shut' policy going on the whole subject! I think the fact that it's actually working has made him shut up a bit too, he said he can definitely tell the difference in my face and neck (I always lose it first in my face, damn shame the rest of me doesn't follow so easily...) and closed the subject with : "OK, ganbatte kudasai" (good luck with it then).

OK, last diet post until I look like Jessica Alba, I promise. I'll try and get back to cat fights with SIL, dog-fucking/cat-fucking and the likes.


  1. Hello Corinne, here is yet another lurker post for you. I've been reading your blog for the past 3 or so months (yet I haven't said anything until now, such a creeper, I know), but I just want to say great job on your blog! My boyfriend and I always enjoy reading about your life adventures in Japan and we love the way you say your opinions and experiences so straight-forwardly without a care. Your blunt and vulgar sense of humour without fail always makes us chuckle and giggle. Thank you so much for all the work you put into this for all of us to read. :)

    Diets are such bastardly annoying things, eh? I wish you the best of luck with yours!

    Keep up the awesome work! Looking forward to more insane stories about the infamous dog-fucker! ;)

    Mel from Vancouver

  2. I can`t do diets that involve drinking gross stuff. But I could do the appetite susspressors. Really I just need tablets to stop me eating cheese and chocolate though probably.

    Is it just me but is it easier to diet in Australia too? Maybe this is because I dont eat a lot of Japanese food.....

    Good luck with it though- hope it continues to work its magic!

  3. LOL yeah...if i only ate japanese foods, i'd probably just fade away!!

  4. I have to admit you never, ever fail to amuse me when I come in here. Anyone who talks about greasy, oily shit becomes very dear to me, and stuff. ;)